Rivier maken (plasticard)

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I've been on a big terrain-making kick as of late. My latest project was using the thin plastic garage sale signs I bought at Wal-Mart (about 3 dollars a pop) to make some rivers to match up with the dirt roads I made with the same material. It turned out pretty well I think. The best part is, like the road, I can make any specialty pieces I need for a given scenario.



Its super easy.

1. Go to Wal-Mart, Lowes, or similar store and look for yard signs made of thin plastic sheeting.

2. Cut the sheeting with scissors to the desired shape (I started with 12" x 2 3/4" pieces).

3. For the roads, I spray primed the plastic with a reddish brown primer. For the rivers I used a glossy dark blue spray paint.

4. On the roads I used plain old white glue to create the appearance of ruts in the road.

5. I painted the roads with a very lightly thinned Ceramcoat Spice Brown.

6. For the rivers, I used a green wash on the edges of the river and feathered with a cheap brush for a blending effect.

7. For the rivers, I then used an off-white and painted some squiggly lines to give the appearance of water movement.

8. For the rivers, I then gave the river a wash of darker blue, leaving just a hint of the squiggly lines in the water.

9. On the roads, I used washes of dark brown and tan to give the road some depth. I put down a thin line of white glue down the middle of the road and flocked it with Woodland scenics green flock.

10. On both the roads and the river, I put down a thin line of white glue on the edges and flocked with Woodland scenics green flock.

11. Matte coat the finish product when dry and viola!!

Hope that helps,