Heggen maken

Heggen (met IJslands mos), van Elladan

The following pictures show my first attemps in building some hedgegrow for the Normandie.


DSCN0058.JPG (580984 Byte)


I wanted the bases for the terrainpieces to be heavy because I intend to use them on my fur mat and don't like them to hoover above the ground. So I used some dark grey plaster, which I mixed up with less water and put in big irregular long dots on a sheet of polysteren and let it dry.

In a next step I glued on some wild lichen (Irish Moos) with the hot glue gun. The trees are made of nutural twigs (Heidekraut) I have collected over 15 years ago in the Scotish Highlands. ("Never throw anything away, you don't know when you will need it.")

Then I airbrushed everything but the tree tunks in a dark greyish brown.

After the color was dry I sprayed small areas of the lichen with thinned down PVA glue and flocked them with two shades of green flocks from Noch.

In a last step I flocked the visible base with PVA glue and a mix of different shades of static gras, dark sand and brown sawdust.


Work in Progrss - before coloring and flocking:

DSCN9981.JPG (651445 Byte)

DSCN9982.JPG (594018 Byte)

DSCN9983.JPG (629989 Byte)

DSCN9984.JPG (658894 Byte)

DSCN9986.JPG (636508 Byte)

DSCN9987.JPG (646945 Byte)

DSCN9988.JPG (691685 Byte)

DSCN9989.JPG (607206 Byte)

DSCN9990.JPG (584492 Byte)

DSCN9991.JPG (657133 Byte)

DSCN9993.JPG (611913 Byte)

DSCN9995.JPG (660107 Byte)



the finished pieces:


DSCN0036.JPG (555663 Byte)

DSCN0037.JPG (357161 Byte)

DSCN0040.JPG (499142 Byte)

DSCN0042.JPG (614338 Byte)

DSCN0043.JPG (544998 Byte)

DSCN0045.JPG (537322 Byte)

DSCN0047.JPG (601066 Byte)

DSCN0050.JPG (672261 Byte)

DSCN0051.JPG (513580 Byte)

DSCN0054.JPG (592390 Byte)

DSCN0059.JPG (586671 Byte)

DSCN0061.JPG (641517 Byte)

Miniatures by Artizan (28 mm), Sherman by Tamiya (1:48)



the result in combination with my Fur Mat:


DSCN0025xga.jpg (774651 Byte)

DSCN0031xga.jpg (854496 Byte)

DSCN0032xga.jpg (840318 Byte)

Miniatures from Artizan (28 mm), SdKfz 251 from BAM (1:56), Kübelwagen from Company B (1:56)

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