Restructuring the Bolt Action club armies - German & British 1000 point lists

The WWPD blog posted a Bolt Action army list with tactical notes, here.

We bought as a club a mixed bag basic Bolt Action club army that is useful, but has lacked structure so far. This list sounds feasible. With an armoured car, a tank and two half-tracks we have a flexible 1000 point army available for fastplay. 

I also found a (2014) 1000 point British army list that sounds feasible with the miniatures we already have.

But let's do an example. A 1000 point British army in Bolt Action could consist of the following:

Inexperienced 2nd lieutenant (35 pts)
Artillery FO (free)
A medic (30 pts)
Two inexperienced infantry sections, each 1 NCO and 4 riflemen. (2 x 35 pts).
A regular Sherman Firefly (305 pts)
A regular 17 pounder gun (40 pts)
A regular Flamethrower team (50pts)
A regular Medium Mortar team (50pts)
A regular PIAT team (40 pts)
A regular Machine Gun team (50pts)
A regular Sniper Team (50pts)
A regular Staghound Armoured Car (135 pts)
Two regular Vickers MMG carriers (2 x 70 pts)

Can someone act as quartermaster-general, sort out our club army and make a shopping list based on the list above? We can buy most of it cheaply at Crisis.