Battlegroup - Another WW2 Ruleset

Rulesets come and go. WW2 rulesets come and go. Some stay. Others make place for modern versions. Who remembers Warhammer Historical The Great War, which was the forefather of Kampfgruppe Normandy, which was the forefather of Battlegroup Kursk? Spearhead? Crossfire? Who remembers Wings of War?

I stumbled upon a review of the less known Battlegroup rules, here. It's one of FoW's small rivals. Highlights:

"At it’s core it’s an IGOUGO system with the added twist of reaction orders – more on these later. At the start of each turn you roll for the number of orders available to your force – D6 plus the number of officers you have.  And the number of D6 rolled increases with the size of the game.  1D6 for platoon sized up to 4D6 for battalion size games."

During your orders phase you can assign reaction orders to as manly units as you wish, however, this means they wont activate on your turn but on your opponents turn.

These orders need to be used carefully or you’ll be left with limited units to move in your own turn and leave game objectives difficult to achieve.  Saying that, in our games the reaction orders have had serious impact on opposing players well laid plans.


When a unit is lost in battle you must select a random Battle Rating counter which will usually have a value on – this is deducted from your Battle Rating. This represents the attrition on your battlegroup – casualties, vehicles being abandoned and destroyed, units routing. (...) This random element introduces a sense of urgency to get the mission objective completed. And later in the game can drive how you issue orders as you possibly show more caution with the earlier loss of units. A clever element to the game.

Battlegroup is derived from Warhammer Historical, but has very much advanced from there. The books are beautiful and the PDFs just 5 pound via the Plastic Soldier Company.

So, buy it? Not me. Too many other rulesets to explore. A nice set? Probably. Very probably.