Showcase: 6mm Tiger 1 & Adler Panzer Grenadiers


I couldn't resist the temptation of a new 6mm project. Rommel, Blitzkrieg Commander are calling. 

I bought Irregular vehicles. GHQ is the best, but I don't want to pay 2 pound per 6mm miniature: Irregular is worse, in fact every other 6mm-brand is, but good value for money, 55 ct per miniature.  Tiger 1. The green camo is very bright but meant to be viewed from a distance.

The Adler soldiers are very detailed, although a bit on the large side for 6mm and with large heads. At least you can see a difference between British Tommy helmets and German Jerry Stahlhelms.

The Germans are painted in German Erbsenmuster brown camo, 1944, late war panzer grenadiers, for D-Day, Market Garden, Ardennes,  

I'm waiting for decals and 6mm scenic items, for diorama-style bases. 28mm is nicer? Who said that?