Miniature Quality? It's the basing, stupid!

Endless reviews are written about the so called superior quality and detailings of certain miniature brands. And yes, it's true, all animals are equal, but some are more equal than others.

In the meantime soft plastic is often described by gamers as very inferior, low quality, prone to flaking, etc. And yes, it's true, all animals are equal but some are less equal than others. But it's a prejudice as well. Modern 1/72 miniatures are much better sculpted than the old Airfix from the seventies and modern acrylics stick very well to good old soft plastic.

I have plans for a simple demo set with simple rules and cheap figures. So I asked around and a club friend had an old set 1/72 miniatures, excellent for the simple 1hr wargames rules. 8 figures on a large 15x15cm base. Nice for a diorama base.

I frantically painted them, quick & dirty, 39 miniatures in 3 hours. Brown undercoat, flesh, khaki backpacks, black boots, brown rifles, Army Painter dip. That's it.

Looked OK. The basing however did the trick or me.

Good enough for gaming. Nothing to be ashamed of. With the right treatment. 1/72 is an excellent scale for wargaming. Cheap fun with lots of detail. A wargamer from Cuijk sent me a large box with unused Germans, Americans, and vehicles. With his stuff I can easily build two opposing forces.

Not that I will abandon my 6mm Napoleonics, 15mm Renaissance or abstain from 28mm Bolt Action (I have two unpainted 28mm boxes in my storage).  In fact, this project encourages me to mega base my 6mm WW2 in a similar way, with relative large diorama style bases. It's the basing, stupid! The 'quality' is less important.