'Rommel', Sam Mustafa, is klaar!

Mustafa publiceerde gisteren:

I approved the final printed proofs today. The printer is packing them and getting ready to load on the containers. Rommel will probably hit the water sometime late next week. We're marvelously on schedule for a release in late August or early September.  All depends now upon shippers and Customs agents... what could possibly go wrong?

As I've always done: there will be one release date, worldwide.  It will be available from several UK dealers. 

I've never done pre-orders from my website because it's asking for trouble when you can't guarantee an exact date due to Customs, shipping, etc.  (For example, in the case of Blücher, the books sat in harbor for six weeks due to a dockworker strike). That causes enough grey hairs, without having hundreds of guys emailing me every day for an update, or complaining and demanding their money back, etc. But I assume that some retailers will offer pre-orders, once they hear from me that the books have arrived and are en route to their businesses.

De podcast 'how to play Rommel' is hier.