Little Red Riding Hood on Stiff Dick


I like to be politically incorrect. Wargaming is not political (thank god) and when it is (SS, ISIS, Bosnia) it's not funstuff gaming anymore (imho) and as Napoleon or William III you can't be politically incorrect.


We have this issue with sexism and wargaming and unnecessary nudity of female miniatures.

I can understand that. I never ever watched porn. I hate women's tennis - soooo dirty. If I see a beautiful girl, with long legs, a good body, busy taking her pants off for me, like this...

...I quickly look the other way. Thinking that I would.... do something to her, is so objectifying. Onlly the thought makes me vomit. I'm a liberal, intellectual, middle aged citizen who thinks he's god's gift to women in this world that women are just other human beings with better hips.

So to protest against the objectification of women in wargaming I bought a few horrible miniatures from Hasslefree to show how BAD they are. Terrible. Very scantily clad.

"Deth and Taxis", according to Hasslefree. I call him 'Stiff Dick' and her 'Little Red Riding Hood'. Because she wears something little.

I will paint her very nude and use her for Frostgrave as a permanent warning against sexism in wargaming. I also bought several of her scantily clad sisters, as extra warning.

Below, yet in black. Don't look too long. You might get the wrong ideas.


Rob Grootveld

I bought some french prostituees the idee was to put them on the ba table on a d6 1 to 3 you stop your movement and on a 5 to 6 you move on doing your thing

Its not a painting titties thing its just a game element i mean we are decent man with no fantasy


Ah. I didn't buy princess Leia in slave costume -for educational purposes only - either.