EM4miniatures for Infinity, GoA

Are these cheap miniatures (50ct per mini) useful for infinity or GoA, link here?



Certainly usable for Antares. My Freeborn army consists of multiple manufacturers, including smallish ones like Effincoolminis, Trent, Zealot and Reaper.


Good find ! 

As for infinity:

Corvus Belli provides free rules and army builder on their website,
but require mini's to play tournaments.
For home games i see no reasons not to proxy. :-)

That being said: the Infinity mini's are very very good looking, and you don't need many.
With some googling you can find them for E 6, a piece, while you need about 10 for an by-the-book 300pt game.



I bought some of their Mech and Flyers for 6/10mm sci-fi like Horizon War, to be honest plastic is very cheap and sculpt are fine for small scale but I will not touch them with a stick in 28 :)