Pikeman's Lament aka Pikemen's Rampant reviewed

Mellis1644 tried Ospreys Pikemen's Lament, a Rampant spinoff. Review here

Main opinion

This is another game roughly based on the engine used in the ‘Rampant’ set of rules. So for most of you I suspect you know the basis for the rules. This one is no different and follows the same theme with some chnages. Each type of unit has a specific target number to roll over to do that action on 2D6. A failure means they don’t do that action and the players turn ends. A twist for this version is that a double 1 or double 6 allows a roll on another table to see if a special event occurs – bad or good respectively.


So overall the game is simple but very effective. It works for getting toys on the table and having every decision and roll is a serious effect on the game which is a great aspect for me. It’s just the kind of game I like really – tactical but the rules are easy to learn and your actions and rolls make the difference. If you like the Pike and Shot period I don’t see why you would not pick up and play these rules. They provide a great evenings gaming for medium sized games. One not however. If you don’t like the somewhat random control mechanism this is not the game for you. IMO that aspect of the game reflects the chaos of small engagements quite well but some people really dislike the lack of control in rules such as this. You control which units do what and when you roll so it’s very tactical – but your managing the game and making tactical risk choices vs.  playing a chess game