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    There’s an ACW day in Mijdrecht which I’ll attend. I’m still in Sharp Practice mode and painting Confederates at the moment. I might not make the 28th either as I’ll return from holiday that day.

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    No plans either, unless our British guests are still up for a game.

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  • What I miss in our scenery is a cobblestone mat. This could be used for a multitude of fantasy (Frostgrave!) and historical games, and I would love to try it out with the German houses we have. *Staying silent about…   Read more»

  • I’ve booked a table for Sharp Practice. Rory Davidse will come over and bring his Hollanders, Maarten volunteered to use my miniatures. I can bring more to the fight, like French and Brunswickers, so there are two more spots available….   Read more»

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    Ik was even van mijn apropos want ik zag niets liggen, totdat ik bedacht dat Rob het dan vast héél netjes had opgeruimd, en dat was ook zo. Grandioos gedaan Rob!

  • I intend to bring some miniatures  or buildings to paint and reduce my pile of unfinished projects. With Poldercon looming, this is my last weekend before I have to teach the rules author how to play. In between I’ll go…   Read more»

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    In a perfect world, we would have a chat group attached to this forum. Barring that, a place to banter where we can reach the maximum number of members without needing to resort to smartphones, and ideally not related to…   Read more»

  • A journalist from NRC will attend to see the Sharp Practice game and get an idea about historical wargaming. He has already been to a WW2 day and I have had a telephone call with him, seems like a good…   Read more»

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    Crossfire in 6mm would be fun, just like Sharp Practice in 28mm and potentially even Kill Team. 

  • Jurjen, je hebt gelijk dat 28mm niet de ideale maat is om grote veldslagen uit te beelden, maar zoals Mark al aangeeft hoeft dat ook niet. Er zijn genoeg kleinere (delen van) slagen met zo’n 5000 man, waar je met…   Read more»

  • For the 28mm Napoleonic Sharp Practice event in March, we have quite a few 6shooters participating, so the interest is there (although I’ll paint three armies for those who don’t have one). If we’d combine all those armies, we’ll be…   Read more»

  • Nee, Rommel is een heerlijk spel als je zin hebt in iets grootschaligs/bordspelachtigs. Ik neig zelf dus meer naar Crossfire, wat de beste regelset van Arty Conliffe lijkt te zijn.Over the Hills kreeg goede reviews, en mag concurreren met Lasalle…   Read more»

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