I’m on Deployment Zone TV – Orks vs Imperium


I recently went back to visit WintersSEO to film another battle report. (The previous one was Tyranids vs Adeptus Mechanicus over on Youtube.) This time though I brought my Orks, and it was filmed for Deployment Zone TV – a subscription battle report service website thing by Winters and Liam from Moarhammer. Obviously I understand not everyone wants to pay a fiver a month for more awesome battle reports (including narrative campaigns and extra stuff like Winters’ Top Tips…), but I’m happy to support these guys, and if you are as well, you can watch me play a 150 power level narrative game against Space Marines/Adeptus Mechanicus/Knights with this Ork army…

In a nice twist, I also got to play on the cool Orky terrain that I and other Winters patrons helped to paint and built:

Anyway, I had a blast playing the game – it had a lot of cool moments and could have gone either way. I also got a kick out of Winters getting freaked out as I just kept bringing out more boyz from my case!

So, if you want to/can watch, go here.Redtoof’s 40K

Need a hand?

I wanted to start with:”Nothing much to report”…..but that’s not really the truth.

  • Yes, the hands still hurt, a lot more than what I was expecting. Plenty of things I can’t do with the right one, the left is a lot more usuable, but….I don’t think surgery fixed it. Shame.
  • This insurance company debacle is almost over, I signed and sent the last forms today, so I can put at least that part of the accident behind me and  focus on the future.
  • Still looking for a place to learn to handle my pain levels as the hospital has been set on hold for a indefenite period due to management leaving, and with the start of the holiday trying to contact anyone is a bit hard, but i have some emails sent none the less.
  •  I drew up the attic as a split kids room and as a hobby room as we want to give the kids their own space, either by me giving up my hobby room (Nikki already claimed my room!) or by splitting the attic. This has given us some ideas of cost, and what the kids want or not. Kim is dead set to give the kids their own private rooms. I don’t really see the need yet, I lived in the same room as my brother till age 12, and the girls are turning 6 this weekend…..but better have plans ready. 
  • The original plan was to put me in the attic. In my last redraw I redrew my current hobby room as a office and relaxing space for Kim as she really needs one to blow off steam. Also, cost wise, it makes (currently) more sense to keep the attic generic so it can serve as the kids room now but can be used for everything really when and if they eventually move out of the house …..yes, we plan ahead! And I will be moving to what is now the girls room…..so basically Hobbyroom 2.0.
  • The clearing of the attic is going well. I’ll spare you the pictures for now, but it has been sorted into keep (but check again at a later date to find more stuff to sell), trash (already in the bin, obviously) and a monumental pile of militaria, books and miniatures. When I get back from my holiday I’ve reserved 1 hour a day taking pictures and listing stuff on Ebay, salesgroups etc to get rid of it and stock up the war chest.
  • I bought a new PC. Well, a second hand one off of a 12 year old Fortnite player……Waiting for the M.2 SSD stand off screw toa rrive so I can speed it up even more, but for the next 2 years I’m set again PC wise, and no 10 minute loading times and crashes and the sound of a Phantom doing a quick afterburner run anymore. I had planned a large budget for 4-6 years, but decided to cut it by 2/3rd for just 2 years, and it fits my current needs. Already listed all of the salvageable parts of my old PC to make a few bucks back.
  • Hobby wise……I seem to manage a few hours a month atm. Too tired or too sore to do anything useful, and sorting and selling stuff takes up a lot of time.

So, quite a lot of stuff. Don’t expect anything hobbywise for a while, I’m doing so little it is a bit pointless to Blog about it. I need to manage the pain and time before I can back int it.

But I think I will manage it. Eventually.


2nd Battle of Berg Isel, May 29 1809: Scenario and play test for Historicon

After the Franco-Prussian game Saturday, we shifted countries and eras to play test my revised scenario for this battle, with changes inspired by the version Michael Hofer developed for his scenario book, “Blood along the Danube, 1809”. I used Badeners as stand ins for half of the Bavarians (I was already using almost all that I own) , and I used Landwehr and Freiwilliger as stand ins for the Tyroleans of Reisenfells command,  and substituted Spechbacher for Teimer, and moved Teimer to the other side of the table (a map reading error). With those caveats, here we go:\

Second Battle of Berg Isel: May 29, 1809

Table Size: 6 x 10 feet
Troop Scale:1 Infantry unit = 600 men, 1 Cavalry unit = 300 men, 1 Artillery = 6 guns.
Background: After retaking the Tyrol, believing the rebellion largely crushed, Wrede’s Division was withdrawn, ultimately to fight at Wagram a little over a month hence. This left just Deroy and his 3rdBavarian Division, with assorted attachments, to hold the Rebellious province. It would not prove enough. On May 25th, an attack was launched on the outskirts of Innsbruck by some 6,000 Tyrolean insurgents supported by 1200 Austrians. Their attack was repulsed, and the combat terminated by a heavy rainstorm. However, 4 days later, the numbers of insurgents in the area having swelled to 12,000, the Tyrolians attacked again with their main force at Berg Isel, while additional detachments seized the bridges over the Inn at Volders and Zirl.
Map: Mount Isel and the foothills of the Alps are wooded Class III mountainous terrain; they are impassable to Artillery (except the Tirolese wooden guns) and cavalry. However, all Tirolese (but NOT the Austrians) treat these as Class II terrain for movement.
The River Inn is unfordable, while the River Sill is a Class II stream. The buildings of Innsbruck, part of which is shown on the map, are Class II. The Abbey and Schloss have been fortified by the Bavarians and are Class III Terrain.
Scenario Rules:
Tyrolean Scutzenrepresent partisans armed primarily with firearms and largely lacking bayonets, etc. They will count as armed with Rifles, however! They must be deployed in Skirmish order or Line formations only, and are DOWN 1 additional in Melee. They have only 2 UI per unit.
Tyrolean Landsturmrepresent peasants armed with polearms and spears and a few antiquated firearms. They must be deployed in Attack Column or Line and are Up 2 additional in Melee, but Down 1 for fire. In addition, they suffer no penalty for being charged by Cavalry frontally. They have only 3 UI per unit.
Tyrolean Wooden Gunmoves like Tyrolean infantry (including in Class III Terrain), but must “limber” and “unlimber, and reloads on the Artillery Firepower cards. It has but 1 UI.
Andreas Hoffer, an Innkeeper by trade and the heart and soul of the Tyrolean revolt is UP 2 on his LD when attempting to rally any Tyrolean troops.
Joachim Haspinger, a charismatic red-bearded Capuchin priest, Makes any unit he is attached 2 Up 2 in melee; however, if he has been engaged in a melee since the last Army Morale Card, he will roll a D12 instead of a D20 for being hit.
If any of the four buildings of Innsbruck proper are occupied by enemy troops, the Bavarians lose 1 Morale Point for each such building, for as long as the building remains controlled by the enemy.
Deployment: As shown on the map.
Speckbacher: Roll a D6: On 2ndMOVE card, enters on a 1, 3rdMOVE card 1,2,3,4, 4thMOVE card – automatic
Teimer: Roll a D6: On 4thMOVE card, enters on a 1, 5thMOVE card 1,2,3,4, 6thMOVE card – automatic
Victory Conditions:The game ends after the 9thAustrian MOVE card is played and acted upon (nightfall). If the Austrians have un dispuited control of Berg Isel, or the Tirolese control any of the 4 buildings of Innsbruck, AND their opponent fails Army Morale, they score a Major Victory. Otherwise, if the enemy fails Army Morale without accomplishing the above results, it is a Minor Victory. Any other result is a draw.

Austrians: No C-in-C, use LD 8 for initiative purposes.
Sequence Deck: Abysmal
23 Infantry, 1 Cavalry, 2 Artillery; Army Morale Points: 28
GM Ignaz Freiherr von Buol-Barenburg LD 8, CR 16”
2 Austrian Line DD 6, CD 10
1 Austrian Jager DD8, CD 12
6lb Foot Battery DD6, CD 12
1 Squadron Chevau-Leger DD6, CD 10
(only 1 Unit Integrity)
Andreas Hoffer LD 8*, CR 20”
3 Tyrolean Schutzen* DD 4, CD 10
2 Tyrolean Landsturm* DD 4 CD8
1 Wooden Gun* DD 4, CD 8
Joachim Haspinger LD 10*, CR 20”
3 Tyrolean Schutzen* DD 4, CD 10
2 Tyrolean Landsturm* DD 4 CD8

Joseph Speckbacher LD 12, CR 24”
3 Tyrolean Schutzen* DD 4, CD 10
2 Tyrolean Landsturm* DD 4 CD 8

Martin Teimer, LD 8, CR 16”
2 Austrian Volunteers DD 4, CD 10
3 Austrian Landwehr DD 4, CD 8
3rdBavarian Division, GL Bernard Erasmus von Deroy
LD 10, CR 20”
Sequence Deck: Average
10 Infantry, 2 Cavalry, 3 Artillery 15 Morale
12lb Foot Battery DD 6, CD 12
GM Justus von Siebein LD 10, CR 20”
1 Baden Jager DD 8, CD 12
4 Baden Line DD 6, CD 10
6 lb Foot Battery DD 6, CD 10
GM Vincenti LD 10, CR 20”
1 Bavarian Light DD 8, CD 12
4 Bavarian Line DD 6, CD 10
6 lb Foot Battery DD 6, CD 10
GM Seydewitz LD 10, CR 20”
Baden Dragoons (3 UI) DD6, CD 10
Bavarian Chevaulegers (2 UI)DD6, CD 10

After the play test, I am going to move the set up for the Bavarians back 3″ so that they start outside the Class II terrain. 
Early in the game – Innsbruck to the right, Berg Isel in the center. 

A view from the opposite end of the table.

Tyrolean Rebels under  Hofer swarming through the rough terrain. 

The Bavarians (Badeners used  as stand ins for half of the Bavarians) are surprisingly aggressive in taking the battle to the Rebels!
More action on the other side of Berg Isel.

Artillery deployed to make the most of limited fields of fire in the center.  Bavarian General Vincenti is hit on Berg Isel. 
Speckbacher;’s command enters on a Triple Move!

Not long afterwards,  Teimer’s command enters from the opposite direction  on a Double Move. Elsewhere, Hofer goes down with a wound as well!

Speckbacher’s men continue to advance with alacrity… as both sides reach zero Army Morale Points simultaneously!

Speckbacher’s Shutzen threaten the rear of Von Siebein’s troops. 
   This game was hugely fun, as usual thanls in no small measure to the players themselves. In the end, however, it was the Bavarians who prevailed, the Rebels withdrawing into the alps and safety. Historically, after fending off Tyrolean attacks all day, Deroy and his command slipped away under cover of darkness, abandoning Innsbruck, where they had become increasingly isolated.

Blunders On The Danube

Chain of Command: stomped by Red Devils

On Wednesday evening I played my second game of Chain of Command, arranged by Spencer. I took a German platoon with an extra section and HMG, plus a STUG to introduce the vehicle rules. Spencer took a platoon of British airborne, together with a Sherman and a flamethrower.

Let’s get it out of the way quickly: I was pulverised. We played a patrol scenario and both came on in the same table third (my left, Spencer’s right), which had a big house around the half way line. We ended up with jump off points quite close to and either side of this house and it was the scene of an interesting sequence of events. Spencer deployed first and placed one section behind the house, one in a hard cover ruin in the centre of the table and one behind the ruin, ready to swing round to his left. I deployed a section behind hedgerow on my left, a second further along the same hedge nearer the centre, a third in woods close to Spencer’s section in hard cover (what was I thinking?) and the fourth behind a Hill on my right.

On his right, Spencer advanced his right hand section along with a senior leader, aiming to knock out my left jump point. I met him with fire from behind the hedgerow and from a fence behind his left flank.This took out several Paras and he decided to withdraw behind the house. Thinking I would go for a wipeout, I sent a full strength section into close combat with his five (count them) surviving men. Well! That was quite a way to find out how tough elite infantry with stens and a senior leader can be. Spencer had many more dice to roll than I. My section lost six men and routed back to their starting hedge line, while Spencer lost only two. His depleted section took no further part in the game but they didn’t need to as they had done their work.

In the centre my third section in the woods fought an unequal duel with Spencer’s middle section in hard cover. I had thought my MG42 with its extra dice would partly counter their cover advantage but when that combined with elites being harder to hit, I was heading for a sticky end.

On Spencer’s left I think we both took some odd decisions. His left hand section legged it towards my right flank, then ran back almost the way it had come, intending to assault my section in the woods. They stopped short in the open and got shot up good. My right hand section, meanwhile, deployed behind a hill that lacked any cover and started out to meet Spencer’s flanking section, but when Spencer turned this unit around, mine jumped up on the hill and helped to shoot it up.

Next to appear were our respective AFVs. Neither made a huge impact on the game although each helped to whittle down enemy numbers.
In Force morale terms, Spencer made early gains through his brutally successful hand to hand defence, reducing my morale further as he broke my guys in the woods. I made some counter gains by beating up the section he had sent to his left then brought back again, but Spencer used a chain of Command die to end the turn and two of my routed sections left the table. In the final stage he deployed a flamethrower who fried my third section then engulfed my senior leader in flame, taking my force morale to zero. Game over.

Lessons for the next game? Regulars won’t win a firefight with elite troops in hard cover. Don’t even think of close assaulting elites as you’ll get stomped. Before you place a unit, think about the avenues open to it after deployment: beware dead ends. Also (and I did know this but it’s easy to forget) you don’t have to mirror your opponent’s deployment. My right hand section was wasted for most of the game and could have been more useful reinforcing the hedgerow line on my left. Finally, think more about the mechanics of the patrol phase and remember the jump off point will be some distance behind the patrol markers once these have been locked down.

The game was great fun and looked good. In particular, Spencer’s Paras were beautifully painted. I’m looking forward to the next one.

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