Eltjo-Jurjen: Over the Hills, Napoleonic battle in 6mm


Date(s) - 08/06/2019
13:00 - 18:00


Over the Hills 2nd Edition is a 135 page Rule book that is packed full of everything you need to play a fast fun Napoleonic Wargame. The 2nd edition rulebook builds upon the first iteration of the rules and the great feedback that we have had from gamers who care about and enjoy playing our unique games system.

When designing Over the Hills 2nd Edition  we set ourselves several key objectives: –

We wanted to Produce a fast paced easy to play game where the Psychological effect of warfare was strongly reflected throughout the game and the rule mechanics.

Command and Control and  Napoleonic  tactics should be firmly rooted in the game . Whilst National Characteristics should shape how each nation fights.

We also wanted to ensure that Players can use all the modern figure scales available e.g. 6 mm, 10 mm, 15 mm and 28 mm and  The game must accommodates numerous model to actual men ratios, with no rebasing required.

As we worked through the rule set we constantly revisited our aims and objectives to ensure that we did not stray from our goal.

The  Over the Hills 2nd Edition  rulebook is split into two sections, the first is entitled the Game Rules , and here you will find all you need to play a fast paced Napoleonic wargame. This section contains over 74  pages that includes full colour diagrams, photographs and structured easy to follow rules. Within each rules section we have woven in optional rules that you can add into your game to create a sense of increased Napoleonic flavour.


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