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How to: Hills

How to: Hills

Interne linkVery easy to made Hills 
Some tools next to styrodur / styrofoam I prepared thin foil for table protection, Plaster cloth, scissors and some brushes.

 Here you can see how I cut styrodur plates. You can use normal knife but the best is Hot Wire cutter.

Next one container is filled with water, next two are for plaster cloth rolls just to keep the table clean 

 I cut plaster cloth to pieces and then quick immerse into water and directly to the hill. Some smoothing with hand will be needed.

When plaster is totally dry I brush on it white glue and applied sand and gravel

I didn’t put sand the top of the hill to make it look like solid rock 

I also add some brown addition but after painting I understood that was unnecessary because paint just covered it too much. 

The brown thing is coconut ground for flowers – great as a finishing 

 When the glue is dry I put black matte paint and some spots were brushed with medium and light grey.

Putting flock was so quick and easy that I forgot to make semi-step pictures :(.
I used Woodland Scenic Cement in sprayer for flowers to cover all but grey parts and just put WoodlandEarth and Earth Blends turfs directly from shakers.
As a finishing I glued with White Glue foliage and lichen in some spots.


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