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    I tested the paint yesterday in the GW shop, after reading several reviews.
    Verdict: Not bad, this paint is a kind of “ink” or pigmented wash. For figure painters who are used to prime with black the style is radically different. You prime with off-white or grey and liberally apply the contrast paint on the figure. Then you finish it, highlights etc. Might be useful if you have a mostly mono-colour figure because CP is wash and paint combined.
    The ‘simple speedpaint method’ is thus all hype and marketing, I think.
    (much like Army Painter, btw. The AP 3-step technique starts with a coloured primer that you quickly block paint and shade as final step. In my experience, the speed of this AP method also depends on how many block colours you use. The less, the faster. In reality, many painters are not satisfied with a mostly monocolour figure without highlights and shades so the actual AP-painting process is always slower than in the youtube videos).
    If you paint two different CP colours next to each other the colours might mix, which you will have to correct.
    CP is excellent for wetpainting and inking. The painting medium is better than thinning with water.
    The old GW inks that I (still) have don’t flow and shade as good as this new Contrast Paint range. It’s an improvement.
    I don’t think it’s a replacement for other painting techniques I use and I haven’t seen 15mm and 6mm examples yet (or tested myself). For certain projects or effects this “ink” can be very useful, though.

    Three thorough online reviews: here and here and here


    And a comparison: same miniature, two painting methods, here


    Youtube filmpje om zelf Contrast Paint te maken, met 50/50 verf en matte medium, en ‘flow aid’, allebei uit de liquitex serie. Artist acrylics. Goed maar veel goedkoper.
    Wel meer gedoe, je moet het leuk vinden.

3 berichten aan het bekijken - 1 tot 3 (van in totaal 3)
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