Club Day 13/4

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    Go ahead, punk! Make my club day!


    It’s my birthday. For now I don’t have plans to play a game yet. Count me out. No plans for a birthday battle. Not on Saturday. Maybe Friday or Sunday, if possible.


    As far as I can see, I’m in.


    There’s an ACW day in Mijdrecht which I’ll attend. I’m still in Sharp Practice mode and painting Confederates at the moment. I might not make the 28th either as I’ll return from holiday that day.


    I will come along for the first time. I’d prefer to join in whatever (historical) game is being played. But in case it helps I will also bring along a game (Congo: colonial skirmish, if the rules emerge from my unpacking in time; if not, a couple of ancient or medieval armies for DBA).

    Paul H


    I suppose it will be less busy than usual this Saturday, a few regular historical players (like me) are away, the regular 40K-group has a tournament on Sunday, just two tables booked at the moment (instead of the regular 6-8). But maybe some are last minute bookers.
    Is it the Studio Tomahawk Congo

6 berichten aan het bekijken - 1 tot 6 (van in totaal 6)

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