D-Day! A6S Wargame Club reopens in June!

Holland is slowly entering the lockdown-exit-phase. The Dutch government announced that under strict conditions small meetings inside buildings are allowed. Our club board conferred with the administration of the Pontania community club center where we have our meetings. This is our arrangement, for the next three months:

  • we can use the building during weekends, Saturday AND Sunday, IF we inform Pontania in advance. As club we will make a schedule, and contact players to open/close the building (YES! YOU TOO CAN BE A KEY MEMBER THIS SUMMER! :-))
  • we have a max of 4 tables and 12 players. Players keep distance.
  • only full club members are allowed in the building
  • you have to reserve in advance. Use the website. No booking? No entrance. Sorry for that, now.
  • we might introduce slots: 2hrs max and leave, so that others can use a table.
  • No food or drinks will be served, at least not in June and maybe until September. Pontania is not a bar or restaurant (with different sector rules). Strictly speaking, the building is the ‘sports canteen’ of the local leisure and walking club, and all sports canteens are officially closed until 1 September. We don’t want a 4000 euro fine for not strictly adhering. Hopefully the city council will relax the rules if Pontania can clarify to them that the building is in fact a community center with community activities.

We hope that we/Pontania can restart in full in September. The 1,5-meter rule might restrict operations for the moment, but the government is continuously reassessing the situation. No guarantees, but with more confidence, some day we’ll go back to normal. Old normal.

More A6S Clubdays Every Month!

Good news! Now that we have about 40 members we have a) more people that want to play more often b) more members who want to open the doors more often. Maarten contacted our Pontania mother organisation and booked extra club days for the rest of this year. We can now play games 3 times per month. Check the calendar (and don’t forget to reserve your table!)

Below a pictorial summary of some of our recent games.  

Other news

  • Our club regular and pillar MarkN broke his leg. We hope he gets well soon!
  • admin DinoK will focus more on his ABB tournaments, so MaxV has replaced him as board member.
  • we finally have a mobile PIN code reader, so you can pay your drinks with your bank card instead with cash
  • DinoK has planned several 40K tournaments and Eltjo a Sharp Practice tournament.
  • we’re still upgrading scenery, although the collection is nearly finished. We dumped 3 boxes old and worn scenery last weekend – how sad we had to part our ways, how good that we can buy bigger and better scenery to replace it!




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Wij Amsterdam6shooters zijn een vriendelijke club van volwassen wargamers die twee keer per maand wargames (en soms boardgames) met miniaturen organiseren in Amsterdam-Oost. Met passie, met lol, met plezier en met stijl. En heel breed: Alexander de Grote, Napoleon, WOII, 40K, Age of Sigmar, X-Wing: het komt allemaal op tafel. Met ons meedoen kan door gratis te registreren en daarna via de agenda op de site een tafel te boeken. Een eigen leger hebben is niet eens nodig: we hebben alles. Dus wat let je? Angst voor miniatuurtjes?