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The 300 Austrians

Back at the last Historicon in Frederiscksburg, in 2017. I acquired the somewhat insane amount of roughly 300 Old Glory Austrian Napoleonic Infantry for $100. It’s been 2 years, and I just now decided to finally sort out exactly what I had on hand!  This was prompted by the 90 Austrian Line that I am painting right now, which will exhaust my supply of same, otherwise. While the bulk of the figures were in there original bags, there were quite a few more that were loose and somewhat mixed up.

2 bags of 30 German Line in Shako, 2 bags of 30 German Line in Shako,  Attack-March, 1 bag of German Line in Shako, Road March (I especially like these!), and 1 bag of German Grenadiers, 180 figures in all.

Next, it was time to sort out the loose figures

The loose figures included 1 group of 30  more German Line in Shako, Advancing,plus another 18 of same, 17 more Germ an Line in Shako Attack-March, 8 more German Line in Shako Marching,  4 Falling wounded and 1 lying wounded, 13 German Line Command in Shako (3 standard bearers, 4 drummers, 4 Officers, and 2 NCO’s, plus 3 mounted colonels sans horses), 7 German Grenadier command (4 standard bearers, 2 drummers, 1 officer) plus a spare Grenadier Marching, and 4 wounded Grenadiers., plus another 12 German Line command, but these in Helmets. That’s 118 more figures, just shy of 300 altogether.
With my usual scheme (18  figures per unit), that’s enough to make
2 units of Grenadiers
7 units of Line Advancing
7 units of Line Attack-March
3 units of Line Marching.
I’d need to add 3 sets of Old Glory Line command (20 each) to have the necessary cadres… assuming I ever paint anywhere near that many of them!

Still, I can paint a LOT of Austrians in a fairly short time; these 90 are nearing completion and will be appearing on the blog soon!  🙂

Blunders On The Danube

Part 3 of the Bill McHugh collection: The Sea Peoples

Along with the Hittites, and Assyrians in Bill’s Brionze age collection were several units of the so-called Sea Peoples”. These are among the best painted of Bill’s troops, and really need little more than re-affixing some shields and  re-basing to my requirements to be table ready.

Sherdens, who were incorporated into the Army of Ramses II, and fought for Egypt at Kadesh.  

There are 31 figures, which will become either 2 units of 16 or three of 36, with the addition of some command figures or similar. I will probably change some of the shield colors to differentiate the units. 

Nice job on the Tunics! Like all of the Sea Peoples, there origins are uncertain, one theory tying them to Sardinia. 

The second lot are Peleset, often equated to Biblical Philistines. 

These are really well painted, with 15 figures having blue feather crests on their headgear, and  15 more having red. 

Once again, really nice painting o the tunics. 

I am pretty sure I have enough spare Peleset figures (Old Glory) to add another six or so and make three units of 12 each. I think I have a pack of Ox Carts for them, somewhere,  too!
A short video about the Sea Peoples. 
and another!

Blunders On The Danube

2nd Quarter Statistics – Long Overdue!

Since it is a day away from the end of the 3rd Quarter, I figured I’d better get my stats up for the 2nd Quarter at least!


April 2019
Bill McHugh’s troops $445.86  (Hittites, Assyrians, Sea Peoples and Normans) 
Joann’s (felt for new gridded cloth, Delta ceramcoat paints) $42
Home Depot (spray paint for cloth, spackling compound for buildings $29
The Portal (Dice) $20.50

May 2019
Staples (really useful Boxes, 15% discount) 131.55
Scenic Express (Lots of Tufts, Plastruct wood shingle sheets)  $91.36

June 2019
Amazon (dice) $12

2nd Quarter Total:   $782.27

Much higher than planned due to the purchase of Bill’s troops for essentially $1/figure. 


April 2019
16 ECW Mounted Leaders = 160 pts

May 2019

June 2019
45 ECW Casulaty figures = 225 pts
8 Baden (light) Dragoons = 80 pts
Tony’s troops 22 foot + 1 mounted 20mm = 96 pts

2nd Quarter Total:  561 points

Decent, would have been better if I had finished painting something in May!


On the plus side, it was a good quarter for Games – Play tested and then ran Soggy Bottom at Havoc, played in and assisted with setting up the glorious 1814 Campaign in a Day at The Portal, and play tested my Alpine Wagon train scenario. 

Blunders On The Danube

Part 2 of the Bill McHugh Collection: The Assyrians

In addition to the Hittites in Bill’s collection, there were also some other Chariot era figures. 

In this case Assyrian Medium Infantry Archers. 

22 figures of them – with the addition of 2 command figures, that will be enough to add two units of these archers to my Assyrian Army

There were also some Assyrian Cavalry.

10 figures of these.

With my basing scheme, that will make one unit of Medium Cavalry (6) and one of Light Cavalry (4) added to the Assyrian tally as well
    All of these figures will need some minor refurbishing work and detailing. From my last Old Glory order I also have 3  Assyrian 2-Horse chariots that can eventually be be added to the mighty forces of Ashur. Bill had still more Chariot era figures that I acquired… but they will have to wait for another post!

Blunders On The Danube

The Lodestone Miniature Buildings #5: Extended Two Storey House, Archway, and ???

The final set of buildings from The Lodestone Kisckstarteer includes this “Extended 2 Storey House”.

The hanging sign is also magnetic, and will fit several different buildings.

I suitable image will eventually be added to the sign.

Going back to the unboxing of this building.

Two medium basic boxes and an extension box., plus skins. 


Skins added to the ground floor.

Fully assembled without any added paint or shutters.

Note the “supports” for the overhanging 2nd storey.

Other side of the building, no paint applied yet. 
Final item of the Village KS package. 

Opening the box… hmm, what’s the rolled up red item? 

Unboxed – to the right is an unrelated set of two variant skins for other buildings. 

As usual assembly is a snap – literally!

Assembled; this irem uses a special archway box for assembly. The applications for a fortress or castle seem obvious. 
Paint applied to the woodwork. 

I have one criticism of this item… no door or windows? 
As for the red rolled up item… leather with brass snaps, which could be put together a couple of different ways. I was baffled about its purpose for a long time, and just now as I am writing this, it occurred to me – a dice tray (for rolling)? 

A nice note from The Lodestone team.

The parts list…
All nine buildings of the Village set, painted.  I (later) hit the completed buildings with a heavy coat of satin acrylic varnish for protection. 

Just add inhabitants, 

opposing armies, 
or adventurers and foes!
    The Lodestone  team says they are working on new ideas for their next Kickstarter, and a webstore.  I look forward to seeing the concepts and products  they come up with!

Blunders On The Danube