Roman Medium Cavalry #2


A second unit of Medium Cavalry joins the mounted forces of Rome!
The gold SPQR on yellow (Delta CC “Straw”, of course!) required a little black lining with the ink pen. 
Once again, the Command figures are Crusader and the others are Old Glory. 
Definitely keeping up the “yellow” vibe!
The Punic view once again!
Black horses for these fellows, once again a nice contrast to the yellow, I think. 

Blunders On The Danube

Roman Villa and lesser dwellings


As part of “Roman Month”, I assembled this Roman Villa.

It is more of a country farm than a grand residence.

It was built from a downloaded file from Wargames Vault, printed to card stock using a home laser printer. 

It is a 15mm scale model, with the base being roughly 6 x 7″; thus it would fill a 6″ box for a 28mm To the Strongest! game. 

The construction was straightforward, although some instructions would have been nice. Only the roofing gave me trouble!

Top down view; I have a couple more smaller Roman paper buildings to add as well. 
Also from Wargames Vault, 2 versions of a Roman farmhouse or country cottage. 
I see that I forgot to paint in  (black) what would have been one of the patio roof supports in the center; since done.

I wonder if the real roofs were as saggy as mine?!

The glue is still drying on the flowering tufts…

Top down view.
Another version with different coloration.
This time I followed the less than clear dirctions and but out the supports for the roof of the small courtyard
Looks pretty good, but it was royal pain in the @$%!
Both of these structures would be usable long after the Ancient era, really. 
Top down view; I’m not sure about the blue roof. I wonder if it was supposed to be more slate colored? 

Blunders On The Danube

Roman Light Cavalry

A unit of Roman Light Cavalry, perhaps to counter the darned Numidians!
Once again the command figure is Crusader, and the rest Old Glory.
Some Republican Roman army lists allow them some light cavalry, others don’t. It hardly matters to me!
In part the numbers added up right for 10 Old Glory and 6 Crusader figures; that allowed me to make two 6 figure Medium Cavalry units, plus this 4 figure Light Cavalry unit. 
The Roman bean counters would be proud of the efficiency, especially considering the enormous toll the Punic Wars inflicted on the Republic!

Blunders On The Danube