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A Birthday In Blood

We had a full house today. Eight tables, half of them 40k, half of them historical. A house divided cannot stand alone 🙂

We also had a birthday party. Jonathan (his name means ‘gift of God’) had his 33rd happy birthday last weekend and brought us cake. Life is a piece of cake when you’re young. Here’s Johnny!

Sorry, mistake.

HERE’s Johnny:

the less hair, the more mature you look

He played a 40 scenario against Björn. Very christmas: a silent night, Space Marine Claus, ho-ho-ho, and shoot-to-kill just like in Israel. He, Björn, Dino, Ruud and a few others had an excellent 40k-time.

Robert, Rogier, Fred and Rob played Blood and Plunder, the pirate game.

Kaj and Mark tried Black Seas, the naval wargame, X-Wing with sails, Mark called it.

I missed an ADLG Spartans vs Athens Mantinea battle 418 BC). Heard it was fun, but isn t wargame always?

From Belgium With Love

Our most distant member is Taco in Kuwait, and we have ex-members in London, Moscow and Australia. Today however we had a visitor from Leuven, the Dutch-Belgian Allied Infantry Force Huub S. We taught him a lesson in DBA.

The same Huub as above, now with head.

Have I ever said that classic DBA is a very subtle, quick system? It’s all maneuvering and using terrain to gain the upper hand. I should play it more regularly, to know the rules by heart (but I should also play Hail Caesar, Maurice, Blücher, Lasalle, Spearhead, IABSM and Dropzone more often :-))

Just 50 15mm miniatures per side and a 90x90cm wargame table – only chess has an easier setup. We played a Roman blades vs Celtic chariots game. Due to bad luck Huubs center companies were slow, so I could corner his flank units before he could roll up my center. Fastplay, easy to learn (and teach), hard to master. Quick thinking needed. We liked that.

We had more stuff from Belgium. We bought bridges at Crisis. Quite happy with the result after painting.

The usual suspects committed their usual crimes: Bolt Action, Flames of War, Blood & Plunder.

No 40K today – next time? Because in the grim dark future, there is only war… 🙂

Mud. Blood. Roads. Women.

A few lousy pics from a recent club day. The good news: the wargame gene can be inherited. Taco brought his daughter Puck.

She has the same Napoleonic talents as her father, in the center.
I hope my own daughter will follow in her father’s footsteps. The signs are promising!
Rob & Rogier played Blood & Plunder. Espen & Mark a quick game of Flames of War.

In other news: Today I upgraded our old paper club roads with mastic (‘montage kit’) a special glue, wash and flock I gave them more depth.

Plasmaguns & Muskets Rule

Just two pictures today to show what a happy chaps we are! To quote Shakespeare:

From this day to the ending of the world,
But we in it shall be remember’d;
We few, we happy few, we band of brothers;
For he to-day that sheds his blood with me
Shall be my brother

The picture on top is from the Sharp Practice afternoon we had yesterday, the friendly bold & beautiful is Paul, a Brit working for the EU, we think the Mohicans would be proud of him: the two chaps below are Sjap and Marten, who won the best player award at Alliance Open. And the biggest Amsterdam smile award!

Next clubday is next weekend (Sunday 6), extra day, and Oct 12 (our regular Saturday). See you! Don’t forget to book!

From A Few To A Kill

Only three tables yesterday: a group of our 40K regulars went to the London Great Tournament to play a certain game involving Space Marines; Mark still sick; Eltjo playing hide-and-seek in his mancave… and expensive parking on Saturdays discourages our car-owning members a bit. However we killed miniatures and killed time. This time 40K, Necromunda and Dropzone Commander. All SF! I tried my DZC toys and tested the LEDs that I bought.

Napoleon was not far away: I left his painted bust in the kitchen and Eltjo commissioned an official A6S Napoleonic cuirassier in campaign dress to Steve Barber Models.

Next weekend the Honour & Glory 40K tournament and the week thereafter a regular club sunday again.