Kiwis in Italy – Steven’s Wargaming Project

They have been on my to do list for years – Kiwis in Italy or, more technically, 2 (NZ) Division in the Italian Campaign of 1943-45. I’m thinking a Crossfire Battalion of infantry and some armour to support them. Here are my overly extravagant Kiwi plans for 2020.

Steven’s Aspirational Order of Battle

Nothing like a bit of excess to start the year. So here is what I’m intending to collect

Steven’s Kiwi in Italy 4 NZ Armoured Brigade 20 Armoured Regiment Reconnaissance Troop, Regimental HQ, 20 Armoured Regiment [Mud-grey with Blue-black disruptive pattern] 3 x Stuart V 3

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Steve Balagan


Reducing the sprue pile…

No brain tonight, after a long day at work, so I grabbed a couple of sprues out of a Mantic grab box I acquired a few years ago and had earmarked for painting for D&D/Battlesystem playtests, and also to try some fun and games with Contrast paints.

The Mantic Goblin Spitters have a reputation for not being among Mantic’s best – they’re very odd in that they have hunched shoulders and the face (not really the head) fits on a plug on the front of the torso. They look weird, but somewhat characterful.

Anyway, two sprues worth assembled, and undercoated with AP Greenskin. That’ll do for today.Trouble T’Mill

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Showcase: Imperial Fists Space Marine Heroes Brother Toriad

Finally, here he is: Heavy Bolter armed Brother Toriad from the Space Marine Heroes Series 1. Painted as an Imperial Fist, as the model is depicted in the Space Marine Adventures boxed game. Find out more after the jump.
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