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Barrows and bunkers

Anne’s out at the dog track, so I’ve started in on two projects, in the absence of AndyM (so no work on our Salute game).

One is to write the promised article for Nick for this year’s Lard magazine – you’ll have to wait to read it, but let’s just say it involves bunkers 😀
The other is to make a barrow for the Dux Brit scenery collection.

Some stones from the car park outside the studio… 
…and some left over blue foam from the Omaha build.
Don’t know how much more I’ll get done tonight as I’m waiting on the glue drying. Next step is filler, then Sandtex Bitter Chocolate.

Trouble T’Mill

More flannel thatch….

That’s the Warbases hut done, barring a slight haircut and maybe a touch of glue, for today’s hobby streak. (Interesting question: does writing a battle report count separately from fighting the battle? :D)

It appears you can get two roofs that size (buildings about 3′ x ‘5’) out of one cheap Morrisons flannel (£1), and some spray cans and a tube of UHU/Bostik general purpose glue. I’m quite happy with that. I will be interested to try a similar approach but spraying teddybear fur dark brown and then desert yellow. Except I’m all but out of PVA spray 😀

Trouble T’Mill

20 Valhallans Completed

Before doing this current batch my completed Valhallans sit at 10 Guardsmen, a Company Commander, a Plasma Gun guy and 6 Missile Launchers. And now with this current batch completed I now have an extra 2 Company Commanders and another 20 regular Guardsmen. All the regular Guardsmen are from Reptilian Overlords. Never miss an article? Subscribe! The total tally is now 40 Valhallans Done! Rejoice! That’s a Battalion ready for battle. I’m well on my way now to a Brigade! Also, stay tuned and make you subscribe because there will be a battle report with these newly completed Valhallans very […]

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