Empress 28mm US Army and Taliban

Empress’ magnificent US Army and Taliban figures. One or two Spectre figures might have infiltrated the Taliban…..

Empress Bradley IFV

Empress Humvee

Empress Humvee with weapon station. The crew is scratchbuilt since I forgot to order those

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Musing on Sequence of Play in Tilly’s Very Bad Day

For Version 2 of Tilly’s Very Bad day I’m thinking of making some changes to the sequence of play. Most of these are to make implicit steps explicit. There is one more radical proposal (changing initiative). But much of the sequence of play remains unchanged, even though some steps have changed names. I thought I’d share a few thoughts on why it is the way it is and why I’m changing some things.

Possible Version 2 Sequence of Play

Here is the sequence of play from Version 1.3 and the current proposal for the sequence of play in

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Warhammer 40K Antennas/Aerials

This article is a quick and simple tutorial for replacing your plastic, rigid Warhammer 40K antennas with wobbly antennas- because they look awesome. Never miss an article? Subscribe! The Baneblade has two huge antennas on it and they looked great. Then I snapped one-off which is really easily done. Then with 30 minutes of doing the first, I did the second. Well done me! This prompted me to find an alternative. I had seen wobbly Warhammer 40K antennas before and seen them on historical and on modern scale models. But finding information on what was needed was hard. Some places […]

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