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Not really a Battle Report – March 18 2019 – IABSM “Kampfgruppe Stenmark”

Can’t give away the details, as folks may well be playing this in a couple of weekends time. but suffice it to say I got the halftracks finished (without damaging that blasted bedstead aerial) as well as the Fiesler Storch objective marker and a British jeep.

Things you never think to ask when assembling a jeep – were WW2 British jeeps right-hand-drive? Turns out the answer is no, but I’d stupidly put a driver with a wheel in both front seats, so I had to over paint one with quite thick white so he looked like he was holding papers.

Anyway. Picture gallery without commentary for now. Other than to note that that’s one of the best by-the-drill-manual uses of the British 2″ mortar firing smoke I think I’ve seen on an IABSM table.

Trouble T’Mill

Some half tracks – yes, I actually did some modelling today…

… in amid the domestic chaos that is usual on a Sunday.

Three PSC SdKfz 250/9’s – that’s the recce version with the 20mm cannon in a turret. Dead easy to put together – typical nice PSC kit, very hard to get wrong.

One Flames of War SdKfz 250/5 – that’s the ‘Rommel’ command blister. Resin and metal, and absolutely bloody horrible to work on. The tracks didn’t fit without some pretty ruthless application of a file, and the bedstead aerial requires you to be capable of microsurgery, as far as I can tell. As I grumbled on Twitter at the time:

   To add insult to injury I dropped two of the stanchions on the floor somewhere during the third and fourth attempts to get everything to stick, and completely lost them, so two of them are actually thin bits of MDF. For future reference, a cheap UHU clone and lots of patience actually works better then superglue + accelerator.

That said, they’re all now undercoated with AP Desert Yellow (my goto Dunkelgelb/Mittelstien) ready for a quick camo job tomorrow lunchtime. I should also note that unlike, say, PSC and FoW Shermans, they are pretty much exactly the same length to the millimetre.

Trouble T’Mill

Today I recorded…

…well, about half a podcast.

I’m not 100% sure if I’m happy with it, so I may toss it and have another go when I’ve listened to it tomorrow – mostly just being out of practice and working without notes, which for some reason didn’t work out as well as it usually does.

Either that or I just need more tea and cake. The wife is baking as I type, so we’ll see 😀

Spent a chunk of the day watching rugby (ouch!) and continuing to compile a background bibliography for Dux Britanniarum, as well as reading The Great Pendragon Campaign which…

Wow. Talk about ambitious. It’s an 80+ year, 400+ page campaign book that basically takes three generations of PCs from about the time of the birth of Arthur till the last battle with Mordred, at roughly a session per campaign year. Obviously it’s based on the Geoffrey of Monmouth / Malory / Tennyson Arthurian myth, which makes it not much use as a reference for Dux, but it is just a stunning piece of work.

Which sets me to idly wondering… would the Dux setting work for an RPG? Or does the fact that everyone playing in that kind of setting probably wants and expects ‘real’ magic rather spoil it?

Trouble T’Mill

Oliver Cromwell’s “Ironsides”

Surely there can be few more famous regiments of Horse from the English Civil War than Cromwell (later Fairfax’s) “Ironsides”. From a troop at Edgehill it grew to a double sized regiment and more over time. 

They are known to have worn red coats. I have used Orange/Tawney sashes for the officers etc, although white sashes may have been more likely, especially later in the ECW.

The “coronet” carried by this unity is that of Captain Robert Swallow’s troop. The inscription reads “Ascendia Cura Sionis” (? possibly “Incendia”) – “Burning with the Care of Zion.”

From 1642 to 1645 the regiment saw extensive action, including the battles of Grantham, Gainsborough, Winceby, Marston Moor, and 2nd Newbury.

I didn’t mirror image this flag due to the effect upon the text. 

Blunders On The Danube

Stalingrad Day 1 – Finchley Wargaming Club – Crossfire Battle Report

Chris Harrod, Jamie Wish, Adam Landa and I played Day 1 of the 2019 World Wide Stalingrad Campaign based on Steve Phenow’s Briefing. Crossfire of course.

Steve Phenow Briefing Crossfire Battle Report Table and Deployment

100+ terrain features on a 6 x 4′ (1.8 x 1.2 m) table. Masses of building sectors and some rubble areas. I’d recently modified the rubble features to match the size of my standard terrain template sizes. They aren’t finished, but looked good enough to play.

Stalingrad-Day-1 460 Table after deployment

I was the Soviet defender of the Railway Station. I packed

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