Raven Guard Crusade with Astra Militarum vs Eldar – Re-Match – 55 Power Level

In this battle report, I am covering my second game of Crusade using my Astra Militarum and Raven Guard Crusade force. It is against the Eldar again at 55 Power Level. This game was one of the closest and most fun games I have had – so stay tuned for some very random and unforeseen happenings. This game takes five turns and comes down to a single dice roll to win or lose! Imperium My first game saw me take a couple of upgrades on my Raven Guard & Astra Militarum Crusade. This battle was also 55 Power Level vs […]

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Cadian Shock

Roman Medium Cavalry #2


A second unit of Medium Cavalry joins the mounted forces of Rome!
The gold SPQR on yellow (Delta CC “Straw”, of course!) required a little black lining with the ink pen. 
Once again, the Command figures are Crusader and the others are Old Glory. 
Definitely keeping up the “yellow” vibe!
The Punic view once again!
Black horses for these fellows, once again a nice contrast to the yellow, I think. 

Blunders On The Danube

Showcase: Catachan Colonel (Store Anniversay Miniature)

Hi, all! It’s Catachan time 😉 I finished this Catachan Colonel! It was originally planned as a Store Anniversary miniature, I was really hyped to get one… I chose a classic all-green colour scheme with some red spots. I hope you like it as much as I enjoyed painting that guy.

Leave a reaction or comment below – and see you in the jungle…  

Tale of Painters