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Lascannon vs Missile Launcher – The Trade-Off Series

This article about Lascannons and Missile Launchers was a request via the chat on this blog. As is so often the case with Warhammer 40K there are layers of understanding to any ability, rule, unit or weapon – the Lascannon and Missile Launcher are no exception to this. Also, yes I know, the photo is Autocannons! Firstly I couldn’t find any Stratagems, rules, orders or abilities that specifically affect Lascannons or Missile Launchers. Neither has an advantage or disadvantage in that respect. Equally, both Lascannons and Missile Launchers can be taken in the same units and circumstances. That is because […]

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Cadian Shock

Dux on a budget

Apropos of a question on the Facebook group, I’ve been doing the maths to see what the minimum investment is in figures to play Dux Britanniarum.

Obviously, your best bet at least for starters is going to be Gripping Beast plastics, namely one box of Late Romans, one box of Saxon Thegns, one box of Dark Ages Warriors. Lets have a look:

Dark Ages Warriors: 40 figures

  • 40 with spears (you end up using 18)
  • 16 with javelins 
  • 8 with swords
  • 32! with slings (you will use 8)
Saxon Thegns: 44 figures
  • 32 with spears (you end up using 30)
  • 36 with swords or axes (you end up using 2)
  • 2 officers, 2 standard bearers (you use the officers)
Late Romans: 44 figures
  • 16 with bow (find someone with a late Roman or Byzantine army to sell them to :D)
  • 24 with spear (you end up using 18)
  • 16 with sword – same body as spearmen (you end up using 2)
  • 2 officers, 2 musician/standard bearers (you use the officers)

Currently, GB will sell you this for £60 as a three box deal. You’ll probably then need about 6 or 7 sheets of shield transfers if you don’t want to hand paint them, at £3 a sheet.

For a starter Dux force, you will need


  • 12 elite
    • 12 from the Thegns box
  • 18 warriors
    • 18 from the Thegns box, or mix in some unarmored and/or bareheaded spearmen in each group from the Dark Age Warriors box so you can distinguish them from the elites
  • 4 slingers
    • from the Dark Age Warriors box
  • 3 Lords and a champion
    • two Lords, plus two figures with axe or sword from the Thegns box.


  • 6 elite
    • 6 from the Late Romans box
  • 12 warriors
    • 12 from the Late Romans box (I’d distinguish these and the elites by using different shield designs – I have these on my elites, for example, and these on my warriors and levy, giving the levy the ones with white backgrounds)
  • 18 levy
    • 18 spearmen from the Dark Age Warriors box, but use heads and oval shields from the Late Romans box (or leave them bare-headed)
  • 4 slingers
    • from the Dark Age Warriors box
  • 3 Lords and a champion
    • use the two Lords, plus a couple with swords from the Late Roman box

This usefully leaves you enough figures to produce:

  • 2 Saxon warrior reinforcements (more if you used some of the Dark Ages Warriors)
  • 4 British warrior reinforcements 
  • 12 mercenary javelinmen
And yes, I know, the Thegns aren’t perfect, being a bit late for the era, but it hasn’t bothered me or my opponents (or apparently anyone reading this blog) in 5 years of playing Dux 😀 The other downside is that your missile troops are slingers, not archers (as the late Roman archers are armoured and thus not really right), but this isn’t a huge problem IMO.

Trouble T’Mill

Da Ork Project Part 7.5 – Moar Speshul Boyz


More Orks, more elite boyz. This time Kommandos and Tankbustas! Again, most of the work here was expanding the bases, but I had a few more bits to re paint here and there as well.

Kommandos. Required a few fix ups and arm swaps here and there, but mostly these are as I built them years ago. Some of them are the metal (now finecast) metal minis, but most are plastic conversions with a load more stikkbombz and kustom sluggas. I also spread out the backpacks from the metal minis onto the plastic ones in order to give more of them the kommando look. As you might imagine, this made some of them quite unbalanced, so the larger bases are once again really handy.

Tankbustas. I’ve got twenty of them, so I organised them into two mobs of ten. Here is the ‘sensible’ squad – all rokkit launchas.

And here is the ‘silly’ squad – two Tankhammers, two with twin rokkit pistols, two bomb squigs and a powerklaw from the index on the Nob. This leaves five with rokkit launchas, which handily allows me to field a full unit of 15 with all rokkit launchas as a more ‘competitive’ option.

And the back of them all. Again these are a combination of old metal models and plastic boyz with rokkit launchas, many of which has a quick repaint to give them white skull facepaint instead of red, white, pink and yellow warpaint.

Right, for now at least, that’s the lot. All the current Orks are complete! I’m planning on adding some Grots and updated Boar Boyz conversions at some point, but before then I’ll try and take some group shots of the whole lot. WAAAGH!

Redtoof’s 40K