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And packed….

Everything on yesterday’s list done. Car packed. Tea and bed, I think. Probably to lie awake and wonder what I’ve forgotten 😀

Higgins Boat passengers done.
And that’s everything. Boards at back, then L-R assault boat sections with player clipboards on top, rest of figures and scenery, box of books, dice, tape measures etc and two pull-up banners at the front.
And it all fits in the car, with room for me and TWO passengers.

Trouble T’Mill

Historicon 2019, #7: Purchases, Future plans, and a random French General

    I spent a moderate amount of time in the Dealer Hall on Thursday afternoon and Sunday morning. I had a few items I wanted to get, and otherwise planned to keep my purchases minimal this year.
I wanted to get some more hedges for Soggy Bottom and future ECW games, and if possible the same ones I bought at the Flea Market in 2018. I came across these, and they had the same deal; $10 each or 3 for $20. 

I of course bought three! I should have enough hedges now.  🙂
They turned out to be slightly shorter than the ones I got last year, but that may be an advantage when fitting them to the square grid used in “For King and Parliament!
I picked up the 15 mm Paper Terrain European Village set # 2 from Scott Washburn,  in preparation for next year’s Snappy Nappy Campaign in a Day events.  

With the same in mind, I needed some more D10’s to replace those lost in The Great Dice Caper. There was no shortage of vendors there, so I picked up some in dark blue, off white, and green.

Bulk bases from Gale Force Nine are an almost yearly purchase. I think al of these were about $10. 

I usually just get their round  bases, which I mostly use for commanders and single figures, as well as certain markers. 
  I toured the Flea Market Thursday night and Sunday AM, but found little of interest. There was a fellow who was selling off a lot of 25 mm terrain Friday AM, but I was running a game then and thus couldn’t check that out. Tim bought about as much from him as he could figure out how to get back to the UK with him, however!  🙂
I also found that I had not yet posted this random French Napoleonic General,  a very nice figure from Front Rank.

I debated making hios sash Tricolor to lead one of my Bicorne wearing French commands, but his uniform seems too clearly later to me. 

I have to keep an eye out for suitable Later Republican/Early imperial officer figures, preferably one with a plumed hat that can be painted in tricolor!

A few closing remarks about Historicon 2019:

     It was a great show, and the new venue and location is superb overall. For a new site, the show ran exceptionally well. I had no issues with loading and unloading, but some others did, and that needs to be improved for 2020. HMGS has confirmed that the next show will be at the same venue, but the block of reserved hotel rooms at the Marriott has yet to be released for reservations. At this point, I am 95% certain that I will be running another “Campaign in a Day” event on Thursday at Historicon that year (the only day I will be likely to be able to get enough tables for same). This will be based upon the “Crisis on the Danube” in April of 1809. I plan to run a similar event in Manchester in April/May 2020, and Jared and I are discussing running it at his school in April, perhaps using DBN for the combat, perhaps not. He may see if he can get some other schools involved as well. 
    As to what else to run at Historicon 2020, the logical choice would be a battle form 1809, as I will already have the figures with me. The theme for the next show has yet to be announced, and it is possible that might influence the choice of games. Some game using TTS or FK&P is likely. 

Blunders On The Danube

Showcase: Dark Angel Reivers and Intercessors

I recently announced the cancellation of my subscription to Conquest, that has left me with some odd sized units. I'm a devoted son of the Lion and that just won't do for such loyal and noble warriors. One week later and I have four more warriors, completing two of my units to the full complement of ten models each. After the jump a quick note on how I'm going to be organising my hobby from now on.
More after the jumpTale of Painters

Assault at Walkers Creek – Mac’s Crossfire Missions in the Pacific

Brett Simpson has played Mac’s Missions in the Pacific before, see Play Test of Mac Crossfire Missions in the Pacific. Recently he decided to give it another go.


My good friend Damien came by to visit this week. He was keen to play Crossfire with me, and as he lives two hours away, I was quite impressed that he would travel all that way for a game.

After giving things due thought, I decided to offer Mac’s Missions as the scenario. This meant that I didn’t have to design a scenario myself as the cards would

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