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Video Battle Report with SorcererDave – Tyranids vs Orks


It’s another SorcererDave battle report, this time my Tyranids vs his Orks. We played a ‘normal’ game, 1750 points matched play, Cleanse and Capture. Of course, we had to have a bit of a narrative twist, so the game takes place inside a space hulk – we played it as though the wall terrain pieces went up to the ceiling, meaning they couldn’t be seen or moved over. This made the game very interesting, and suited our two melee focused armies down to the… metal plated floor?

As usual, we had a blast, and I hope that translates well to the video. SorcererDave always does a great job with the editing, especially the intro/outro, which are a nice touch for what isn’t primarily a narrative game. I know I am a bit biased on this, but I really think these battle reports are deserving of many more views than they usually get, and it’d be nice to see SorcererDave talked about in the same sentence as the ‘big names’ in YouTube battle reports. I really hope you all like them as well (even the ones that I’m not in!)Redtoof’s 40K


There’s a fair bit of tidying up to do after Omaha, and it’s taken me a good hour to get all the figures and bits in the right boxes… Apart from anything else, I have a barrow and a hill to finish for Steel Lard for the weekend, and I need the workspace, so the tiles will have to get tidied away before tomorrow evening.

Should I be worried that while I was clearing up I had at least three thoughts for things that need doing before I next run Bloody Omaha? Since you ask:

  • I’m not happy with the two German defensive outposts: they’re not historically accurate in a number of ways, not least that the two bunkers should look more across the beach than out to sea, and have blast walls protecting them from bombardment from offshore. Fortunately, the defences are only on three small bits of craft foam.
  • I’d really like a backscene along the rear of the board – needs to be low enough to reach over, but something that allows me to take low-angle photos and not get bookcases in the background!
  • some means of marking wire as cut that doesn’t require removing whole 6″ sections.
Stop whimpering, Andy! It’s not till 2024!

Trouble T’Mill

Austrian Infanterie Regiment #12 – “Manfredini”

Here’s the final of the “Fab Five” Austrian German Line regiments in helmet.  🙂

I.R. #12 from 1792-1809 was Infantry Regiment ‘Marchese Manfredini’, the inhaber being Feldmarchalleutnant Federigo, Marchese Manfredini.

Later, from 1809-1815 the regiment was “Furst zu Liechtenstein’ the new inhaber being Generalmajor Alois, Furst zu Liechtenstein.
The regiment was recruited in Moravia (Olmutz) and Galicia  (Tarnow and Bochnia). 

The regiment has rather somber dark brown facings, with brass buttons. 

In 1809 it saw extensive combat,  fighting as part of Aloys Lichtenstein’s brigade of St. Julien’s Division, part of  the III Corps under Hohenzollern. It and was heavily engaged at Teugen-Hausen, where it lost 1/3 of its men, and Prince Lichtenstein was severely wounded. . It fought again at Abensburg, and was in Reserve at Eggmuhl. On the North bank of the Danube, it fought yet again at Linz-Ufahr, and the regiment’s Colonel was captured ij the pursuit thereafter. It was reorganizing during Aspern-Essling, but fought yet again, still as part of the III Corps, at Wagram and Znaim.

Blunders On The Danube