Hittite Refurb project: Chariots, part 3


The final 6 chariots from the collection of Bill McHugh gallop forth!

One bears a Hittite standard; between that and the armored horses, some grand muckety-much must be aboard!

Once again, most of the refurb work was repairing the chariots themselves,

adding detailing and contrasting colors to the cabs,

adding missing leatherwork to the steeds,

and, of course, adding the reins. 

Most of the crew figures required only minor touch ups. 

The original; painting on the bronze armor suits is especially nice!

Spears at the ready!

As noted earlier, the cabs on these third variant chariots are distinctly different from the prior two types. 

I love the way Bill did the “checkerboard” patterns on some of the shields!
Here are all 18 of the Chariots from Bill’s collection after being rehabilitated. 

Quite an impressive sight!

Imagine the hundreds of chariots thought to be in the larger armies of this era!

Blunders On The Danube

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