The 300 Austrians, Redux!

 Regular readers may require the 300 odd Old Glory Austrian Infantry I acquired for $100 at Historicon 2011. Late last year I finally got around to cataloguing them and painting 5 units in  Helmet, and then earlier this year another 2 Hungarian units “casual marching”.  To make the best use of the remaining figures required a few additional pack of Old Glory figures, which were dutifully acquired (with the 40% discount courtesy of the Army Card). With the approach of cooler weather, I decided that I should organize the figures into units and do all of the prep work and priming before winter sets in. It turned out that I had sufficient lead on hand to form 2 new units of  Grenzer, 2 units of Grenadiers, 6 units of  Austrian German Line in Shako Advancing, 5 units of Austrian German Line in Shako March-Attack (1 will be painted as Hungarian), and one 1 Line in Shako, Casual Marching. (to be painted as Hungarian as well) There were also 8 quite useful casualty figures, which I also prepped and primed. That’s 296 in all (and there a re still a few more figures left over, including some foot and mounted officers that may well be drafted as commanders) 

Here’s what almost 300 Austrians look like, ready for painting.  Hey, they’re almost half done after being sprayed with  white primer! 🙂

The second task was to figure out which units to paint, taking into account my already substantial collection of Austria Infantry. That lead to the following list and planning:

Existing Austrian Line (H = Hungarian) Facing Color/ Buttons Make Pose

IR# 25 Zedtwitz Sea Green Minifigs Helmet Advancing
IR# 22 Coburg Yellow Minifigs Helmet  Advancing
IR# 49 Baron Kerpen Light Grey Helmet  Minifigs Advancing
IR# 40 Graf Mittrowsky Crimson Helmet  Minifigs Advancing

IR# 4 Deutchmeister Light Blue Minifigs Helmet  March-Attack
IR# 9 Czartoryski Apple Green Minifigs Helmet  March-Attack
IR# 1 Kaiser Polish Crimson Minifigs Helmet  March-Attack
IR# 17 Furst Hohenlohe (Reuss-Plauien)  Helmet  Medium Brown Minifigs March-Attack

IR# 21 Gyulai Sea Green Old Glory Helmet  Advancing
IR# 59 Jodis Orange Old Glory Helmet  Advancing
IR# 10 Reiske Bright Green Helmet  Old Glory Advancing
IR# 15 Zach Red Old Glory  Helmet Advancing

IR#42 Graf Erbach Orange-Yellow Helmet  SashSaber March-Att
IR#38 Wurttemburg Rose Pink Helmet  SashSaber March-Att
IR#24 Baron Strauch Dark Blue SashSaber March-Att
IR#18 Reuss-Greitz Pompadour SashSaber March-Att

IR# 61 St. Julien (H) Grass Green* Minifigs Advancing
IR# 32 Esterhazy (H) Light Blue* Minifigs Advancing
IR# 58 Baron Beaulieu (H) Black* Old Minifigs Advancing
IR# 51 Baron Splenyi (H) Dark Blue* Old Minifigs Advancing

IR#31 Benjowki (H) Emperor Yellow* SashSaber March-Att – Shako
IR# 34 Davidovich (H) Crab Red* SashSaber March-Att – Shako
IR# 48 Vukassovich (H) Steel Green* SashSaber March-Att – Shako
IR# 53 Jellacic (H) Pompadour* SashSaber March Att – Shako

IR #12 Manfredini Dark Brown Old Glory Advancing
IR #21 Prinz Rohan Sea Green Old Glory Advancing
IR #30 De Ligne Pike Grey  Old Glory Advancing
IR #41 Kuttulinski Sulfur Yellow   Old Glory Advancing
IR #50 Stain  Violet  Old Glory Advancing

IR #39 Duka  (H) Poppy Red/silver buttons – Old Glory Marching, campaign – Shako
IR# 19 Alvinczy (H) Sky Blue/silver buttons – Old Glory Marching, campaign – Shako

Future units:
IR #2 Hiller (H(), Kaiser yellow/brass buttons, OG Marching, campaign, Shako
IR #63 Franz Jellacic (H), Grass Green/pewter buttons, Old Glory, Marching

IR #3 Erzherzog Karl Sky Blue,/pewter buttons, Old Glory Advancing
IR #8 Erzherzog Louis Poppy Red/brass buttons Old Glory Advancing
IR #11 Erzherzog Rainer Rose pink/pewter buttons Old Glory Advancing
IR #14 Klebeck Black/brass buttons Old Glory Advancing
IR #38 Kollowrat Gris de Lin (Lilac) /pewter buttons Old Glory Advancing
IR #54 Froon Apple Green/pewter bottons Old Glory Advancing

IR #26 Hohenlohe Bright Green/brass buttons Old Glory March=Attack
IR #29 Lindenau Light Blue/pewter buttons Old Glory March=Attack
IR #44 Bellegarde Madder Red/pewter buttons Old Glory March=Attack
IR 63 Bailet Light Brown/brass buttons Old Glory March=Attack

GR# 2 Octocaner Yellow Foundry
GR# 5 Kreutzer Bright Red Foundry
GR# 16 1st Wallachian Bright Green Foundry
GR# 12 Deutschbanater Light Blue Essex
GR# 15  2nd Szeckler  Rose Red Old Glory
GR# 9 Peterwardeiner  Light Pike Grey  Old Glory

Future units:
GR# 3 Ogulin, Orange/brass buttons Foundry
GR #17 2nd Wallachian, white coats (Foundry OG, mixed figures) Parrot Green/pewter buttons

1st Grenadiers Grass Green* Minifigs Firing
2nd Grenadiers Yellow (H) SashSaber March Attack
3rd Grenadiers Light Grey Minifigs Advancing
4th Grenadiers Red Minfigs March Attack
5th Grenadiers Blue Minifigs March Attack

Future units:
6th Grenadiers Orange Old Glory Advancing
7th Grenadiers Pompadour (H) Old Glory Advancing

HI labeled each of the units (M1 = 1st unit in March-Attack pose), and painted the assigned facing color for that unit on the tongue depressors that I use to hold the figures during painting. 

C1 = Casual marching pose unit 1; both of these units will be Hungarian, so I painted on a line of Azure Blue to remind myself of that when it comes time to paint them! 

A = Advancing pose, G = Grenadier unit.

Z = Grenz unit, with a line of Brown to remind me this one gets brown coats. 

One of the Grenadiers will be Hungarian.

One of the Grenz units will have the white coats for variety. Note the casualty figures as well!

All packed up for storage until their turn on the painting table arrives!

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