Post-Apoc Tips: Stay Healthy, Paint & Support Your Local Game Store!

What to do in times of corona?

First, thank God (or Buddha, Allah, Marx, Zeus, Elvis, Coincidence or whoever or whatever your favorite deity may be) that you’re healthy. Our very own Space Marine Dino K caught the infection and had a very tough time. But he was not the only one, Steven E also tested positive on corona and caught the flu and pneumonia, Steve appeared to recover first, but spent several days in the hospital. Read his FB story here. Dino and Steve are both back home again and we wish them a speedy full recovery!

All events are canceled, until, we think now, June.

Personally I must say that I miss the social side of gaming most. Fun, bad jokes, beer, rolling dice with friends, etc. True, painting and collecting rules and miniatures and reading books and blogs are important, but not very, for me it’s only a third of all the joy.

Anyway. Because optimism is the only antidote and people need distraction in crisis times, I share a few suggestions and links.

Free Wargames Rules publishes an index with links to free rules, link here.

Generic historical wargame rules

So you miss your buddies and your wife and kids are the only human beings around? Try the 1hr wargame rules. As easy as chess. Any opponent will understand the rules and I promise you a fun game. Link here, 12$ only. Found a free PDF on the web, btw, not sure about copyright.


The 1HW author recommends 1/72 miniatures that can be bought online in Holland from 1/72 specialist Miniatuurwereld (link), a company that also sells 28mm HäT and Victrix.


The Plastic Soldier Company announced a 15mm kickstarter with the Mortem&Gloriam rules. The plastic models are remastered from quality metal miniatures, and cast in hardplastic Ultracast. The launch will be delayed, but Lurkio (the company from M&G-author Simon Hall) offered the hardcover rules with 50% discount for 20GBP, link here.

Dark Ages and Fantasy

No, we’re not sponsored by CCGwinkel, but during hard times, we think that small shopkeepers in Holland that work hard for their money need more support than big foreign companies. If you want to buy warriors for Saga, or fantasy miniatures, take a look at their new Wargames Atlantic range (link). Value for money – we Dutchmen like that.

Talking about fantasy: you can download the successful fantasy skirmish game Frostgrave for free.


A free fastplay quick Napoleonic wargame that had positive reviews is 2×2 Napoleonics, available here. Game can be played with cards on a table, for example the free downloadable cards from Blücher. Or the cheap pewter 2mm units from Irregular, so far still in business.

WW2 and 40K

Again: Koopt Nederlandsche Waar! sells a lot of stuff online, not only Bolt Action, Warlord Games, X-Wing but also 40K and the GW paints.

Tale of Painters

40K-fans: Tale of Painters is IMHO one of the best 40K-painting blogs.


League of Augsburg author/painter/manufacturer published a how-to-paint 1/2400 pewter sailships guide. Ships are from Tumbling Dice, 2,40 per model.

Board Games

Amsterdam Board Game specialist shop Friends & Foes is closed for visitors, but they deliver their stuff at home. F&F mostly sell quality board games. Miniature players might like their X-Wing stuff, their last Star Wars Legion stock and the miniature board games they sell.

And next year, when Amsterdam looks like the picture below, but worse – remember how beautiful 2019 was!

The Wibautstraat in 2021