More downsizing, and some KoW elves for sale

Trouble T’Mill…

That’s all of it. Really Useful Box is yours
if you buy the lot, and I’ll buy Merv some

After some thought, I’m switching back to building a human fantasy army for Kings of War, since I can also use it to test out Battlesystem 5E and also in my D&D campaign world.

As such, I have an awful lot of KOW Mantic Elves to shift. I may keep some so I can have a small force, but I really don’t need THIS many 😀

  • Mage Queen – metal
  • Palace guard Prince – metal
  • King – metal 
  • 5 bolt throwers & crew
  • 24 scouts
  • 110 bowmen 
  • 90 spearmen
  • 10 cavalry
  • 20 palace guard
  • 3 forest shamblers – metal
  • 1 of the last metal Dragon Riders ever made (with note to prove it from Ronnie R)
  • GW Finecast big greebly treant thing (Sylvaneth Treelord)
  • 3x Malifaux smaller greebly treant things (Waldgeist)
There’s around 4000 points here. At reasonable eBay prices, I’m looking for around £200 for the lot, I think (working on 50p a figure for the common stuff), but I’ll consider offers. Happy to split this, but ideally in to no more than two or possibly 3: there is essentially enough here for two decent sized armies or clearly one insane one. 

Trouble T’Mill

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