Catchup on a couple of days of stuff

Trouble T’Mill…

Been tidying the storeroom a bit (as opposed to the workshop or the store garage… I really may have too many places to keep stuff :D), as a break from actually thinking since I’ve done far too much of that for work this week.

Yesterday (in my lunch break) I painted (since they arrived) some Reaper Bones rats, using various shades of Contrast paints… enough to be serviceable tokens for an RPG. They’re now on the ‘things to grab when I need a wandering monster’ shelf 😀

Today, as a break from shifting boxes and counting and sorting a big Really Useful Box of Mantic Elves (over 200 on their sprues, in case you were wondering!), I assembled 20 Mantic skeletons (actually from the original Dwarf Kings Hold game). They’re the original plastic ones, with odd little tabs that essentially are where you glue the ribcage and upper body onto the spine and lower body. They actually go together surprisingly well, and I will probably undercoat them and paint them sometime next week. Undecided whether to go the Contrast route, or spray with AP Skeleton Bone, or even spray black and drybrush…. We shall see.

Tomorrow is a Compendium evening 😀Trouble T’Mill

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