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Alpha Legion hobby update – Dreadnoughts and Disciples

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As mentioned recently, I’m soon to be attending a tournament with my Alpha Legion, and so I’ve been doing a bit of tweaking to existing models to get them ready for the event. First up, the Dark Disciples that will follow the Dark Apostle around. Currently I use some of the Chosen minis from the old Dark Vengeance box for many of my characters, including the cloak/mace guy as the Dark Apostle. I’m happy enough with this, he looks the part, but he didn’t have any little chaos choir boys with him, so when I used them I picked a couple of Cultist champions that I wasn’t using. I think standing next to the Apostle has spread the touch of chaos to them a bit…

As you can see they have  both received some significant mutations, and are carrying some extra unholy texts, candles and whatnot. I think this does the trick, they definitely look like they have sacrificed much in following the chaos powers.

Next, I had a look at my two Hellforged Contemptor Dreadnoughts. They are the plastic ones, so a bit basic, but they had already been converted up to be swiveling at the hip for a bit more movement, and to have a scaled breastplate to be a bit chaos-y. Their old loadout of multi-melta and power fist wasn’t really cutting it though, so I decided to attack them with magnets.

Luckily for me, I still had the Kheres assault cannons in my bits box, so I was able to paint them up as well. I also had to adjust one of the powerfists to be right handed so I could make a dual wielding fist dread. For the magnets, I had some wide, flat magnets sitting around that I’d bought on a bit of a whim, and they fit fairly well as the Contemptor’s upper arm joint after cutting away the arms just above the elbow.

As you can see, it’s a slightly basic solution, but it does the trick. With this build any of the arms can fit on any slot, with a large degree of flexibility in the pose as well. Here are some examples:

So there you go. Turns out my first hobby project of 2020 was actually updating the Alpha Legion. They just snuck in their unannounced and got it done. Very appropriate.

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