Show prep, and an AAR on one of my scenarios

Trouble T’Mill…

Spent my gaming time today doing setup work for the show, since we’re going to be kicking off trader and game stuff early this year.

Also, to my delight, the Eagles and Lions Wargaming guys on FB posted a video review (I don’t think you need a FB account to view it, I may be wrong) of their go at my Valle Della Marie IABSM scenario, which you can find in the 2017 TFL Summer Special (which, like all Lardies specials, contains all manner of good stuff above and beyond that, and is invariably well worth your money). I also ran this twice at OML5, which folks seemed to enjoy. Basically it’s a down-and-dirty clear Jerry out of the next bit of Italy scrap for the British.Trouble T’Mill

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