Mistletoe Wargaming: Snow On 1st 2020 Club Day

Our New Year Resolution was: to start the year with a bang, a game, big robots and snow on the table! Let It Snow!

The trophy for the best picture today goes to StevenE.

Jingle Bells!

We had a club Dropzone game, with Rob, Rogier, Steven, Jonathan and me as umpire. I robbed the christmas store and added LED’s. Here’s the result.

Mark and Espen had robbed the Albert Heijn and played Flames of War between the AH promo christmas model houses.

The right 15mm size!

Dino, Alessio, Chris and Frank played a big robot game and celebrated that 40.000 is one year nearer.

Robots! Let’s kiss them under the mistletoe! And let many more club days come! Next: 19 january, check the website!