Cutting a giant hole in your roof, and loads of other expensive things


Today was the day our new dormer was installed. I went around all of our neighbours, dropping a letter off with the date, time, and my phone and email to contact me if they had any questions.

So, by the time the dormer arrived plus the crew to remove most of my roof……there was a car standing smack bang where the crane should be ……


I know all of my neighbours in my street, and this car wasn’t from any of them. Did a round anyway, maybe they had guests, but no. Rang the rental agency that was listed on the licence plate. Nope, car was sold off a few years ago. Called the non emergency police hotline and they would send a car over. That they did, and the owner was contacted (she lives a block over but could not find a parking spot on that block), she removed the car and 15 minutes later the crane arrived. For a few minutes I felt like I was at work again, calling people to get stuff sorted. Dead on my feet now though.

Meanwhile, our roof underwent a make over and weight loss program. Funny to realize your roof is nothing more than a few tiles, a few bits of wood and some nails.

And then the dormer went on…..

 So, with the dormer installed we went from this:

To this:

We are right up to the legal limits for the dormer (without having to apply for a permit) and it actually turned out a bit bigger than I had imagined, due to our roof having a  unusual angle compared to normal, so we gained more space that way as well.

Lots more to do,the crew that will do (most of) that will be here at Jan 2nd and they should have it done in a week. Then we paint the lot. Then put in flooring….and then the big move upstairs.

Can’t wait for it all to be finished nd get back to a normal routine. Sort of.