A Birthday In Blood

We had a full house today. Eight tables, half of them 40k, half of them historical. A house divided cannot stand alone 🙂

We also had a birthday party. Jonathan (his name means ‘gift of God’) had his 33rd happy birthday last weekend and brought us cake. Life is a piece of cake when you’re young. Here’s Johnny!

Sorry, mistake.

HERE’s Johnny:

the less hair, the more mature you look

He played a 40 scenario against Björn. Very christmas: a silent night, Space Marine Claus, ho-ho-ho, and shoot-to-kill just like in Israel. He, Björn, Dino, Ruud and a few others had an excellent 40k-time.

Robert, Rogier, Fred and Rob played Blood and Plunder, the pirate game.

Kaj and Mark tried Black Seas, the naval wargame, X-Wing with sails, Mark called it.

I missed an ADLG Spartans vs Athens Mantinea battle 418 BC). Heard it was fun, but isn t wargame always?