From Belgium With Love

Our most distant member is Taco in Kuwait, and we have ex-members in London, Moscow and Australia. Today however we had a visitor from Leuven, the Dutch-Belgian Allied Infantry Force Huub S. We taught him a lesson in DBA.

The same Huub as above, now with head.

Have I ever said that classic DBA is a very subtle, quick system? It’s all maneuvering and using terrain to gain the upper hand. I should play it more regularly, to know the rules by heart (but I should also play Hail Caesar, Maurice, Blücher, Lasalle, Spearhead, IABSM and Dropzone more often :-))

Just 50 15mm miniatures per side and a 90x90cm wargame table – only chess has an easier setup. We played a Roman blades vs Celtic chariots game. Due to bad luck Huubs center companies were slow, so I could corner his flank units before he could roll up my center. Fastplay, easy to learn (and teach), hard to master. Quick thinking needed. We liked that.

We had more stuff from Belgium. We bought bridges at Crisis. Quite happy with the result after painting.

The usual suspects committed their usual crimes: Bolt Action, Flames of War, Blood & Plunder.

No 40K today – next time? Because in the grim dark future, there is only war… 🙂