Part 2 of the Bill McHugh Collection: The Assyrians

In addition to the Hittites in Bill’s collection, there were also some other Chariot era figures. 

In this case Assyrian Medium Infantry Archers. 

22 figures of them – with the addition of 2 command figures, that will be enough to add two units of these archers to my Assyrian Army

There were also some Assyrian Cavalry.

10 figures of these.

With my basing scheme, that will make one unit of Medium Cavalry (6) and one of Light Cavalry (4) added to the Assyrian tally as well
    All of these figures will need some minor refurbishing work and detailing. From my last Old Glory order I also have 3  Assyrian 2-Horse chariots that can eventually be be added to the mighty forces of Ashur. Bill had still more Chariot era figures that I acquired… but they will have to wait for another post!

Blunders On The Danube

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