The Lodestone Miniature Buildings #5: Extended Two Storey House, Archway, and ???

The final set of buildings from The Lodestone Kisckstarteer includes this “Extended 2 Storey House”.

The hanging sign is also magnetic, and will fit several different buildings.

I suitable image will eventually be added to the sign.

Going back to the unboxing of this building.

Two medium basic boxes and an extension box., plus skins. 


Skins added to the ground floor.

Fully assembled without any added paint or shutters.

Note the “supports” for the overhanging 2nd storey.

Other side of the building, no paint applied yet. 
Final item of the Village KS package. 

Opening the box… hmm, what’s the rolled up red item? 

Unboxed – to the right is an unrelated set of two variant skins for other buildings. 

As usual assembly is a snap – literally!

Assembled; this irem uses a special archway box for assembly. The applications for a fortress or castle seem obvious. 
Paint applied to the woodwork. 

I have one criticism of this item… no door or windows? 
As for the red rolled up item… leather with brass snaps, which could be put together a couple of different ways. I was baffled about its purpose for a long time, and just now as I am writing this, it occurred to me – a dice tray (for rolling)? 

A nice note from The Lodestone team.

The parts list…
All nine buildings of the Village set, painted.  I (later) hit the completed buildings with a heavy coat of satin acrylic varnish for protection. 

Just add inhabitants, 

opposing armies, 
or adventurers and foes!
    The Lodestone  team says they are working on new ideas for their next Kickstarter, and a webstore.  I look forward to seeing the concepts and products  they come up with!

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