On the Workbench: 6mm Streams or 2mm Rivers

A few months ago I converted several river sections I had made for 15mm ACW to streams/runoffs for 6mm. These were acetate with the reverse side painted. I am now adding to them and include here a short tutorial on how these were made.
It is a very simple method, cheap, quick and quite effective:
The first stage is to paint the rear (non-shiny) side of an A4 size acetate sheet (I apologise for the slightly blurry image but hopefully you get the idea). 

I used a mix of cheap artists acrylic paint. Black, Chocolate Brown and Tan. A dark shade was maintained using the brown and tan to create an irregular look. To protect the paint I gave it a coat of spray gloss varnish.

Continued –

Using scissors I cut out various lengths including curves and junctions. To make the streams look natural I avoided straight lines. They measured 15mm across where each section meets. As can be seen, a considerable amount can be cut from one sheet.

I find completing a few at a time alongside other projects is less of an ordeal than finishing them all in one go. Here I have used PVA glue to attach several pieces of clump foliage to the shiny topside to represent large bushes.

Here I have added various shades of fine turf creating the banks.   

Once dry I added more smaller bushes using Woodland Scenics Course Turf. Using an eye-dropper I carefully drop heavily diluted PVA glue (add a small amount of washing up liquid to the mix which aids dispersal) onto the foliage to help seal down any loose turf. 

As can be seen this cheap and quick method makes pretty good streams. I will widen banks on some sections creating variable width streams and I may add a few rocks here and there. These will double up as river sections for my 2mm project.

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