Crimson Fists – Digging out some old toys!


So there is a new Space Marine codex now, and everyone is all excited about Marines again. This reminded me that, somewhere in our stack of mini cases, we had a small group of Crimson Fists that the wife had painted up way back, so I thought I’d get them out for a look. I think they were initially there as allies for her Sisters of Battle/Inquisition back in the Codex Witch Hunters days. So here they are…

Two full tactical squads, both with smashy sergeants, plasma guns and a heavy weapon. I think people like Tactical squads now, but obviously just 20 of them isn’t very usable. With the Crimson Fist Chapter Tactics they would be more useful as 5 model units to benefit from being outnumbered.

So here they are organised into a simple battalion. The two sergeants have been given a promotion to Captain and Lieutenant, leading three squads of five. A few marines miss out, but it makes a legal detachment. Not exactly optimised, but might be a fun little addition to another Imperial list. I might have to sneak a bit of red to pick out the new squad leaders though – a second red fist to denote veteran status should do I think.

And a side on look at some of them – all free hand chapter symbols! I do have some thoughts of reinforcing them with a few units (I’ve got some terminators and old metal scouts hanging around, and I hear there are these new things called Primaris Marines?), but I might cheat on this bit!

The ‘Captain’ with a lovely freehand banner and a thunder hammer pinched from Captain Lysander. No jump pack or storm shield, but he should still be a decent threat to anything getting too close.

The ‘Lieutenant’, sporting, appropriately, a power fist. This guy looks like he’s seen some things.

And finally, a classic conversion. Always overcharge your plasma guns!
Anyway, there they are. I might have to grab the Codex and give them a bit of a run alongside the AdMech or the Sisters. And who knows, maybe they will get some new friends as well?

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