On the Workbench: Africa Korps, Brits and US.

In addition to trees, I completed various WW2 units primarily for the Op Nostalgia campaign –

This almost completes the Africa Korps units for the invasion of Rhodes. All 1/300 Heroics & Ros. While the figures are excellent some of their vehicles and ARV’s can be a little hit-or-miss. More of this later.
Continued – 

2 x 6pdr Churchills. When painting up for the campaign I am giving consideration as to which theatre of the war will be their primary destination. So there will be a rather strange mix of NW Europe and N. Africa featuring in the Aegean. 

My very first US forces in 1/300 (6mm). These will form part of the Brigade HQ 

Coming back to the subject of H&R vehicle quality. On the left is a Crusader III from H&R newly painted for the campaign. On the right a Crusader I from GHQ. 

The top down view illustrates even more the difference in sizes and quality (GHQ being 1/285 scale). It is purely my personal view but I believe H&R missed a trick when updating their range. Their new figures are slightly larger than the figures they are replacing and in all probability places them in the 1/285 scale bracket. No doubt that this is partly the reason why they have been able to add more detail on the figure. This would have been an opportunity to do likewise to their vehicles. 
There may well be reasons why they have not done so but for us wargamers on the user end it is a little frustrating, especially when 2D6 have now weighed in with 1/285 vehicles of excellent quality. I would have been more than happy to pay an increase in price for the larger size. 
Baccus of course has, even more frustratingly, produced a new scale for WW2 to match their other historical ranges. i.e. not compatible with any of the other 6mm WW2 manufacturers. It would be fascinating to see what the actual scale is but I am guessing it is in the 1/230 – 1/250 area!
I would be interested to hear the views of others on this topic. 

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