“Omaha Beach on D-Day”

Picked up in the bookshop in downtown Peterborough (New Hampshire), I figured it would be a good addition to the library of books we put on display with the Bloody Omaha game.

It’s a sort of biography of war photographer Robert Capa, who was amongst the first wave to land on Omaha (being pretty much kicked off the LC by the boatswain who a) thought he was chickening out and b) wanted the hell out of there!). He was pulled off the beach an hour and a half later with several rolls of what would have been priceless pictures….

You will note I said ‘would have’. Or so the story goes…

He made it back to the UK, and an enterprising assistant in his agency, aware of the urgency of the situation, decided to accelerate the process of developing the images by boosting the temperature of the developer bath…

…and melted the emulsion on all bar a handful of the negatives.

How axxurate this is has recently come up for discussion…

Anyway – excellent little book and perfect for the game at a show.

Trouble T’Mill

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