New Life For Old Paper Rivers

Five years ago we kickstarted our – then – poor Amsterdam6shooters Wargame club with home made roads, green cloths and printed paper rivers. Old Guardsman Rob glued the paper rivers on MDF pieces and upgraded our gaming experience back in 2014.

Currently we are rich, with luxurious battle mats and 3d scenery – so these old seven-piece-paper-on-MDF-club river suddenly looked flat and ugly.

I thought a second about throwing them all away, but I prefer recycling if possible. Rob made them with love and honour. They deserved a second life. I did a 10 euro make-over.

So I first painted the river pieces with green, light and dark blue and white stripes to give it more contrast, and flocked the borders. I varnished the newly flocked borders with Army Painter dip to make it stronger.  Here’s the work in progress.

Work in progress
Close up before the Vallejo treatment

For 10 euro I bought ‘Vallejo Still Water’ in my local hobbystore, MUCO (the very last non-GW brick & mortar model store in Amsterdam – support the last man standing). It’s a gloss transparent varnish that you can drip or sprinkle from the bottle to the pool or river. Not for waterfalls or waves, but excellent for a simple river.

I liberally spilled it between the river banks and added a dark blue wash in the center of the fluid. The wash mixed with the varnish, clouding the center part of the river. I added glitter and small stones to enhance the water effect.

That was all.

Here’s the final result.

One of the seven pieces. Judge for yourself.  “Gonna lay down my sword and shield/down by the riverside/down by the riverside…/”

Project finished!

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  1. looks great nice rivers so you see never throw away the old
    shit so now the are “river 2nd edition”

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