Some Dark Ages figures…

Started on assembling some GB Dark Ages Warriors to improve my somewhat tatty Saxon warriors for Dux B.

One of those days – chasing down my polystyrene cement to discover that the thin applicator tube on all three was blocked, and none responded to application of fine needle/wire. And my EMA Plastic Weld bottle is 90% empty and has lost all its stick. Eventually resorted to using a brush into one of the pots of Revell cement, which is all very well but in my rather confined workshop the fumes can be a bit overpowering.

Still, I got 5 assembled and I can go to Trains4U (which I need to anyway) tomorrow, if they’re open, to get some more Plastic Weld and poly cement.

The observant will notice I’m switching to 20mm round bases for these. Also, the other reason for these is I have some GW Contrast paints on order, and I want to try them out.

Trouble T’Mill