International Relations: Tony’s Troops

 Back in March of this year, a project was started whereby several of us in the Wagaming Bloggers community conspired to paint a unit of French Line each to add to Tony’s collection. We all know how tedious it can get to be to paint French line, right? The uniform is quite complicated (although IMHO very attractive), and you just need *so* many of them!  I think I have painted 58 such units over the past 40 years – 30 in my original; 25 mm army, composed of  of Jack Scruby figures, and 28 in my “new” French Napoleonic army, started back in the mid 1990’s (and I have another 4 units at least already primed).

    In any event, Jon and Lee have already contributed their painted battalions, and this morning I sent off my contribution to Tony. They should soon be united with their friends, albeit evidently sadly destined to see service in some God forsaken corner of (tabletop)  Spain.

Anyway, here they are still on their painting sticks (tongue depressor), just before being removed and repacked for shipping. 

These are 20 mm Les Higgins figures, an old manufacturer I can’t honestly recall having heard of aside from Tony’s blog.  
They remind me a bit of those Scruby figures I painted decades ago, although a bit smaller and with considerably better detail.  

Of course, now that I have shipped them out, I see that I forgot the green crescents on the Voltigeur epaulets, and the green tips to their plumes as well. I shall have to rely on tony to do a bit of brief brushwork to correct the oversight!

Tony will add the flag to the standard bearer back in the U.K.  
 The pictures are taken in 4 groups, reflecting the way that Tony bases his units. 

I have to say that In rather enjoyed painting these figures, even if it took place over almost 2 months, as they were sandwiched in amongst other projects.


A couple of final shots of the entire group of 23 figures… may they further the “special relationship” between the US and the UK. 
I gave the drummer Royal blue lapels as a minor variation on the regulations. Tony will be painting the bases to match his basing style. Vive l’ Empereur!

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