On the Workbench: 2mm Portuguese in French Service

A combination of family matters and ebay sales having taken over my wargames room has, disappointingly, prevented me from playing any games over recent days. I am hoping to get my final WW2 ‘Battle of the Camps’ game onto the table soon using the new Blitzkrieg Commander IV rules.
I have though managed to maintain a reasonable tempo on the painting table. Two bridges have been completed for ‘Grissburg’ and another battalion of Africa Korps has joined the orders of battle. The only job left for Grissburg is to lay out the city and determine how many terrain bases I need to complete for my buildings. 
On the 2mm front a Portuguese Brigade in French service has been completed –
This represents a small brigade of 2,000. I had trouble finding relevant flags for these units and although I could have used those for the Peninsular War, I decided to merely use French flags for now.
Well it had to happen sooner or later! On many occasions I have been about to dip my brush into a mug of tea or coffee rather than my jar of water only to pull back at the last moment. Today I failed! I gave my tea a good stir while looking at my figures and it was only when my brush had a thoroughly good ‘clean’ that I realised what I had done. No harm was done to the brush but acrylic paint does not enhance the taste of tea! 

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