Back from Campaign

Rather a quiet day, but (after a chat with showrunner Neil) we agreed that this may have had something to do with the last round of Premiership games keeping folks in front of their tellys.

Those folks who were there seemed to have a good time – particularly for a show like Campaign, where the games are open to the general public in the middle of the mall, though, I think for all our HYW game is big and pretty, it’s a little too long and involved to expect non-gamers to sit through a full game. We did, however, get to plot and scheme about next year’s big show game, which may, I think, make our Dambusters’ Challenge look sane.

Spent some time (successfully) recruiting games for Hereward (clubs we know bring excellent stuff), and did a little shopping.

Picked up a box of 4 FoW barbed wire barricades and one of minefields and tank traps to enhance Bloody Omaha for Posh Lard (for a total of £20) from the Bring and Buy, and two Sarissa buildings to create a 28mm Chain Home Low radar station which can also sit on the promontory board.

All in all, not a bad day. And I managed to unload two of Mantic’s Blaine figures that I have no use for (one of which he hadn’t got!) to Rob from the club when we got back. 

Trouble T’Mill

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