On the Workdbench: 2mm Austrians and buildings

The 2mm buildings needed for my test game have now been completed along with 2 more Austrian brigade bases:

The buildings are by Brigade Models and are larger than Irregular Miniatures although they are more in scale with the figures. 

I based them on 80mm x 40mm, 40mm x 40mm and 40mm x 20mm mdf bases to provide for a modular style approach. They can be small hamlets up to a small town in size. 

At some stage in the future I will add more to the collection but this will do for now. As originally intended, the 2mm project will move to the background with a continual, but slow, production line under way to complete the figures required.
My attention now switches back to 6mm with an ECW foot regiment primed up. I will then be taking a close look at my WW2 requirements. The arrival of Blitzkrieg Commander IV has provided the spur to get another game on the table to try them out.

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