TGIF, web rabbit holes, and a request…

Definitely a pizza (Domino’s new chicken/chorizo is well tasty) and TV night tonight. But I did get about an hour of Compendium work in, in dribs and drabs, over lunch and before Anne got home. 

Going to have to spend a little time over the weekend redoing the base table layout diagram for the new Raids, as weirdly it seems to render differently on my two Macs, both of which are running the same version of MacOS, the same version of Pages and have, as far as I can tell, the same fonts installed. 
Picked up a copy of the Pendragon RPG – yes, I am aware that it’s very knight-in-armour Mallory/Tennyson Arthuriana, but friends of mine used to play it at Uni, and I’m interested in browsing it for the mythic elements – it’s that ‘what do people believe?’ thing again. Fell into a bunch of Google rabbit holes while doing that, of which a couple were worth keeping: 
  • The Dark Ages Britannia site has a huge six miles to the hex map of 5th Century Britain in various formats, which you can even download an editable version of, if you have Hexographer;
  • Howard Wiseman’s site has a historical look at Arthur and some comparative reviews of some Arthurian fiction. He’s biased towards the more historical ones, too, which is good.
About then I figured that adding a bibliography to the Compendium was a good idea. So I made a start.
Which leads me to this, then: if you have suggestions about good books about the Dux Britanniarum setting, let me know. I probably have the obvious ones (and I won’t be including John Morris’ “Age of Arthur” (not the WAB supplement) :D).

Trouble T’Mill