Wargame Tournament Calendar Spring 2019

Our club received invitations for several tournaments/theme days. We also organize a few own days. A selection, FYI:

  • 23 March A6S Sharp Practice Napoleonic wargame day, Pontania, please register, booking still possible, no need to bring miniatures, only a good sense of humor.
  • (we still have our 24 March regular clubday, btw)
  • 24 March: Infinity, Tafelridder Leiden, FB link here
  • 30 March: Alliance Open, Schiphol, FB link here
  • 13 April: ACW wargame day, Mijdrecht, FB link here
  • 5 May: Titan Smash, 1750 points 40k tournament, Pontania. You only get to bring the big guns. No infantry, no swarms, no bikes. We want to see Knights VS knights, dreadnought armies and primarch VS Primarch.
  • 26 May: Swap/Sell day. Clubday where you get to book a table and trade/sell your miniatures you don’t need anymore or just drop in and play a game. Bring your cash and go get yourself some nice steals or have a few beers with us.
  • 16 June: Team Yankee tournament day, more info here (non-FB)

BTW: all full members can enter all club- and non-club wargame events theirselves, in the club calendar, add / copy a description, etc.