Games played – January 2019

Here are all the games I have played in January, and my thoughts on them. Keyforge (6) I have been really impressed by this card game from FFG. I played in a ‘Sealed Deck’ tournament at Boards and Swords Hobbies at the end of last month – probably something I would not have considered doing with any other card game. However, since this game’s USP is that each deck is unique and complete, there is no pay-to-win aspect that you might find with any other CCG. Good gameplay coupled with a strategy of learning your deck synergy means that it’s a game that maintains your interest. I’ve been really impressed with it. Castle Ravenloft (4) / The Temple of Elemental Evil (1) These games are dungeon hack-and-slash, with combat mechanics based on the D&D RPG. They are decent enough games in and of themselves, but have an added bonus of providing miniatures and dungeon floor tiles that can be used in other games. Whilst Ravenloft is fairly straight forward in approach, with each scenario essentially being stand-alone, TOEE is designed to be a campaign game. When it comes to encounters, TOEE seems to be much more brutal and uncompromising and is […]