Norman Cavalry – finally painted!

Back in August 2016 I started building several new cavalry units for a Breton force for Saga, using the plastic Norman Cavalry from Conquest Games. More information can be found here. After spending two years languishing unloved on a tray above my computer desk, these models made it back to the painting table in December last year, when Matt Slade encouraged me to finish them – let’s face it, in the meantime they had become something of a symbol of all that was bad about my painting hobby. Well, today is the day that I can finally announce that those damned models have been finished! The Norman monkey is finally off my back! The four units can be used in Saga, or as part of a larger Norman force for To The Strongest. A Breton Warlord, some mounted command and several units of foot are still required, but I think I will give myself a bit of a break and paint something else before returning to more Normans.