Bolt Action: return to my Late War British

Moises has asked what became of my planned Bolt Action British force that I was building in 2016. I have collected pretty much everybody I need for a reinforced platoon. I like to play them as regulars, with three full ten-man sections. The MMG appears in most games along with the PIAT, although I have not so much as dented a German tank with one yet. I also tend to take one or both mortars, which rarely kill many enemy but do oblige them to change position, which is useful against a well placed team weapon. I also picked up the Warlord sniper in a gilly suit, mainly because it is such a lovely model. Also, while I like the 6 pdr, I don’t field it too often as unless I am expecting to defend against armour, it is rather too easy to ignore. I have used the Bren carrier to carry weapons teams, which adds some mobility. The Cromwell has come out from time to time but represents a big investment in the size of game we mostly play.
The current army looks like this

Officer plus two men 95 (first lieutenant)
Medic 23
3 x ten man infantry sections 369
(each with lmg and smg)
MMG team 50
PIAT team 40
Sniper team 50
Light mortar team 35
Medium mortar team 50
QF 6pdr antitank gun 75
Bren carrier 60
Cromwell tank 205

In a mad moment I bought the TankWar starter set so also have three Shermans painted as Guards Armoured Division. They have only seen action in a few Tank War games but I like to know they’re there.

I don’t have ambitions to add to the army at present, except to get some new Bren teams if I find some I like by another manufacturer. I just can’t get excited about the plastic Warlord Bren teams: they are too hard to distinguish from the other plastics. I’d like some Bren teams firing prone or something similar. I have also got an M10 Achilles waiting for assembly. I don’t exactly need it but I’ve liked the Achilles since I had a Minitank model of one many years ago.

I like to build both sides for a period so have a late War German force, that again is about at its limit I think. As Matt, my most frequent current opponent, runs Americans, I have tended to play the Germans more often than the Brits for some time now. But after getting these lads out of the toy cupboard, I’m thinking they need another outing soon.

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